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Power Rankings

Power Rankings: Week 2


As the Bears prepare to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, takes a look at what national media outlets are saying about the Monsters of the Midway and how the team compares to the other 31 clubs in the NFL.

Bears ranking: 27
Last week: 25
Division Rivals: Lions 20, Packers 2, Vikings 25
Top 5 overall: Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, Broncos, Cowboys

FOX Sports
Bears ranking: 27
Last week: 29
Comments: "New head coach John Fox is doing the best he can with the talent he has to work with on defense, and the Bears could end up finishing as a respectable unit. A toned-down offensive approach could keep quarterback Jay Cutler's turnovers down, but it will also limit his big-play ability."
Division Rivals: Lions 18, Packers 2, Vikings 26
Top 5 overall: Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Cowboys, Cardinals

CBS Sports
Bears ranking: 25
Last week: 22
Comments: "They did some nice things on offense and the defense looked improved against the Packers. That's progress."
Division Rivals: Lions 22, Packers 1, Vikings 24
Top 5 overall: Packers, Patriots, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bengals

Yahoo! Sports
Bears ranking: 28
Last week: 27
Comments: "Kyle Long looked fresh and fast with 166 total yards. As long as he continues to look that good, John Fox will continue to ride him."
Division Rivals: Lions 16, Packers 3, Vikings 22
Top 5 overall: Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Colts

Chicago Tribune
Bears ranking: 26
Last week: 25
Comments: "Matt Forte just keeps on trucking."
Division Rivals: Lions 20, Packers 2, Vikings 22
Top 5 overall: Patriots, Packers, Cowboys, Broncos, Seahawks

Pro Football Talk
Bears ranking: 28
Last week: 29
Division Rivals: Lions 22, Packers 2, Vikings 20
Top 5 overall: Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Cowboys, Bills

USA Today
Bears ranking: 27
Last week: 32
Division Rivals: Lions 23, Packers 1, Vikings 21
Top 5 overall: Packers, Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks, Ravens

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