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Spice Adams sparks #BearsSingToAnything on social media

With just over a minute remaining in Thursday's game against the Lions at Ford Field, Kyle Fuller intercepted a Matthew Stafford pass in the end zone to end Detroit's drive and seal a victory for the Bears. Immediately after the play ended, Fuller handed the ball to Prince Amukamara right in front of a CBS end zone camera and Bears fans were treated to one of the most fun coordinated celebrations in recent memory.:

Later that evening, former Bear Anthony "Spice" Adams put his own spin on the video and tagged his social media posts with #BearsSingToAnything:

Adams later doubled down, creating several versions of the video and the hashtag began trending. Bears fans took notice and began creating their own #BearsSingToAnything videos. Some of the more memorable and creative editions of this meme appear below.

You know it's a good meme when someone takes the opportunity to Rick Roll their followers: