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Videos - October 2021

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2021-10-01 Coffee with Coach | Week 4: Lions
2021-10-01 A 'love letter to Chicago' from everyone's favorite party aunt
2021-10-01 Justin Fields: Media availability | Press Conference
2021-10-01 Andy Dalton: Media availability | Press Conference
2021-10-01 Matt Nagy: 'Starting QB will be a game-time decision' | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Jaylon Johnson: 'I take no situation for granted' | Player Profile
2021-10-03 Bears vs. Lions | Game Preview
2021-10-03 Bears vs. Lions Trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-10-03 Khalil Mack stunts inside to sack Jared Goff
2021-10-03 Justin Fields fires pinpoint sideline pass to toe-tapping Allen Robinson II
2021-10-03 Damien Williams won't be denied, rushes for 4-yard score
2021-10-03 Darnell Mooney hauls in another beautiful Justin Fields throw
2021-10-03 Robert Quinn comes up with huge strip/sack, Khalil Mack recovers fumble
2021-10-03 Alec Ogletree gets up to make fourth-down stand
2021-10-03 David Montgomery, offensive line push pile for 9-yard TD run
2021-10-03 Can't-Miss Play: Justin Fields rainbows perfect ball to Darnell Mooney for 64-yard pickup
2021-10-03 Lions snap ricochets off Goff straight to Bilal Nichols
2021-10-03 David Montgomery powers for 4-yard TD
2021-10-03 Darnell Mooney makes spectacular catch for 21-yard gain
2021-10-03 Sam Mustipher: 'We were executing' | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Robert Quinn talks sack, forced fumble vs. Lions | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Roquan Smith on win over Lions | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Darnell Mooney on his performance vs. Lions | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Justin Fields on win over Lions: 'The mindset was just to bounce back' | Press Conference
2021-10-03 Matt Nagy on 24-14 victory over the Detroit Lions | Press Conference
2021-10-03 David Montgomery's best plays from 2-TD game
2021-10-03 Every Darnell Mooney catch from 125-yard performance
2021-10-03 Justin Fields' best plays vs. Lions
2021-10-03 Highlights: Bears vs. Lions | 2021 Week 4
2021-10-04 Matt Nagy on QBs: 'We feel really good with where we’re at' | Press Conference
2021-10-04 Cinematic Highlight: Bears vs. Lions
2021-10-05 Tight ends spring big runs with key blocks vs. Lions | Thayer's Playbook
2021-10-05 Allen Robinson II: 'We want to continue to get better' | Press Conference
2021-10-05 Khyiris Tonga: 'Grateful to be playing next to a lot of great players' | Press Conference
2021-10-05 Germain Ifedi: 'We’re taking steps in the right direction' | Press Conference
2021-10-06 Alec Ogletree on playing the Raiders: 'It's going to be a good challenge' | Press Conference
2021-10-06 Khalil Herbert: 'I'm ready to help my team out and make plays' | Press Conference
2021-10-06 Justin Fields: 'I’m going to continue to grow and continue to get better' | Press Conference
2021-10-06 Matt Nagy: Justin Fields named starting QB | Press Conference
2021-10-06 Nagy on naming Fields starting QB: 'It's Justin's time' | Bears Update
2021-10-06 Allen Robinson II vs. Lions "Let's ride" | Mic'd Up
2021-10-07 Robert Quinn on preparing for Derek Carr | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Sam Mustipher: 'We gotta stack performances' | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Spice, Lauren visit AL Central Champion White Sox | Inside the Bears
2021-10-07 Cole Kmet: 'We'll continue to grow over the season' | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Bill Lazor on offensive collaboration | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Sean Desai: 'We're all working as one' | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Chris Tabor on Jakeem Grant: 'He's a guy that you fear' | Press Conference
2021-10-07 Jakeem Grant: 'Fresh start, I'm ready to go' | Press Conference
2021-10-08 Coffee with Coach: Week 5 Raiders
2021-10-08 Khalil Mack on facing old team: 'It’s going to be fun' | Press Conferences
2021-10-08 Matt Nagy on preparing for Raiders | Press Conference
2021-10-08 Jimbo Covert reflects on Hall of Fame Induction | Inside the Bears
2021-10-10 By The Numbers | Bears at Raiders: Week 5
2021-10-10 Kindle Vildor: 'I still have that chip on my shoulder' | Player Profile
2021-10-10 Bears at Raiders | Game Preview
2021-10-10 Bears at Raiders trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-10-10 Cairo Santos drills 46-yard FG to increase Bears' lead to 11 points
2021-10-10 Justin Fields threads tight-window throw to Darnell Mooney for clutch third-down conversion
2021-10-10 Khalil Mack denies Raiders' two-point try
2021-10-10 Allen Robinson II showcases strong hands on high-point grab
2021-10-10 Trevis Gipson sack Carr for 8-yard loss
2021-10-10 DeAndre Houston-Carson tracks down Carr's errant throw for INT
2021-10-10 Lookin' for revenge! Khalil Mack burns former team with sack of Carr
2021-10-10 Damien Williams spins into end zone for 4-yard TD
2021-10-10 Khalil Mack stuffs Raiders' fourth-down plunge
2021-10-10 Justin Fields fires TD strike to Jesper Horsted
2021-10-11 Jesper Horsted: 'You have to be ready when it comes' | Press Conference
2021-10-11 Roquan Smith on 20-9 victory over Las Vegas | Press Conference
2021-10-11 Justin Fields on Sunday's win: 'The more I play, the more confident I get' | Press Conference
2021-10-11 Matt Nagy: 'My favorite team win' | Press Conference
2021-10-11 Highlights: Bears at Raiders | 2021 Week 5
2021-10-11 Matt Nagy on defense: 'We were relentless the whole day' | Press Conference
2021-10-11 Victory in Sin City | Cinematic Highlight
2021-10-12 Cody Whitehair on shift in mentality: 'A relentless effort to get things right' | Press Conference
2021-10-12 Tashaun Gipson Sr. on winning big games: 'It's just a morale booster' |Press Conference
2021-10-12 Allen Robinson II on Packers rivalry: 'It's very prevalent for us as players' | Press Conference
2021-10-12 Bears offensive line 'looking for work' vs. Raiders | Thayer's Playbook
2021-10-12 Bears strive to keep momentum rolling | Bears Update
2021-10-13 Cairo Santos on kicking at Soldier Field: 'You definitely have to adjust' | Chicago Bears
2021-10-13 Jaylon Johnson: 'You're only as good as the last thing you did' | Press Conference
2021-10-13 Darnell Mooney is set on making plays | Press Conference
2021-10-13 Justin Fields on rivalry games | Press Conference
2021-10-13 Matt Nagy on the growth of the team | Press Conference
2021-10-13 Bears prepare to face Packers, Santos extends streak | Bears Update
2021-10-14 Elijah Wilkinson: 'It feels good to be back' | Press Conference
2021-10-14 Bilal Nichols: 'Everybody wants to see the next person succeed' | Press Conferences
2021-10-14 Chris Tabor on kick returns: 'We want to be aggressive' | Press Conference
2021-10-14 Khalil Herbert: 'Still got a lot to prove' | Press Conference
2021-10-14 Trevis Gipson: 'I have a lot of confidence in how I’m playing' | Chicago Bears
2021-10-14 Bill Lazor is pleased with practices this week | Chicago Bears
2021-10-14 Sean Desai: 'We want to be palpable on defense' | Chicago Bears
2021-10-15 Kindle Vildor: 'There's always room for improvement' | Press Conference
2021-10-15 James Daniels brings a ‘play-by-play’ mentality to the offense | Press Conference
2021-10-15 Nagy is focused on hitting the reset button | Press Conference
2021-10-15 Coffee with Coach | Week 6: Packers
2021-10-15 Big Guys in a Benz: Jason Peters
2021-10-17 By The Numbers | Bears vs. Packers: Week 6
2021-10-17 Eddie Goldman: 'Being away from the game intensified my love' | Player Profile
2021-10-17 Bears vs. Packers | Game Preview
2021-10-17 Bears vs. Packers trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-10-17 Justin Fields avoids sack, shows off speed on 16-yard run
2021-10-17 Justin Fields locates wide-open Darnell Mooney for 5-yard TD
2021-10-17 Justin Fields shows off his wheels on 14-yard scramble
2021-10-17 Justin Fields dots Cole Kmet over the middle for 21 yards
2021-10-17 Akiem Hicks gets home free on third down, sacks Rodgers
2021-10-17 Justin Fields fires 12-yard strike to Marquise Goodwin
2021-10-17 Khalil Herbert's vision on display on 25-yard carry
2021-10-17 Robert Quinn takes down Rodgers for second Bears sack
2021-10-17 Khalil Herbert scores first NFL TD, gets Bears on the board
2021-10-17 Justin Fields pinpoints Allen Robinson II on the sideline
2021-10-17 Khalil Mack flies in for third-down sack of Rodgers
2021-10-17 Cole Kmet on Khalil Herbert: 'I'm looking forward to seeing him grow' | Press Conference
2021-10-17 Khalil Herbert: 'I come in with the same mindset every day' | Press Conference
2021-10-17 Sam Mustipher: 'It comes back to execution' | Press Conference
2021-10-17 Darnell Mooney discusses loss to Packers | Press Conference
2021-10-17 Justin Fields talks loss to Packers | Press Conference
2021-10-17 Matt Nagy on loss to Packers | Press Conferences
2021-10-17 Khalil Herbert's best plays from first career start
2021-10-17 Highlights: Bears vs. Packers | 2021 Week 6
2021-10-18 Matt Nagy: 'We want to be able to finish' | Press Conference
2021-10-19 Alec Ogletree: Defense 'making sure we keep that edge' | Press Conference
2021-10-19 Allen Robinson II focused on capitalizing on opportunities | Press Conference
2021-10-19 Khalil Herbert runs north and south vs. Packers | Thayer's Playbook
2021-10-20 Meet second artist behind Bears unique gameday posters
2021-10-20 Cole Kmet on Justin Fields: 'His poise is pretty special' | Press Conference
2021-10-20 Justin Fields: 'Main focus is to grow and get better' | Press Conference
2021-10-20 Matt Nagy: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-10-20 Darnell Mooney: ‘Everyone’s success echoes off of each other’ | Press Conference
2021-10-20 Bears artifacts in the Hall of Fame | NFL Throwback
2021-10-20 Bears goal is to 'put together consistent drives' | Bears Update
2021-10-20 Darnell Mooney vs. Packers: 'I couldn't see the ball' | Mic'd Up
2021-10-21 By The Numbers | Bears vs Buccaneers: Week 7
2021-10-21 Chris Tabor on Jakeem Grant Sr.: 'He showed a lot of toughness' | Press Conference
2021-10-21 Khalil Herbert on getting more reps | Press Conference
2021-10-21 Kindle Vildor: ‘It’s just a blessing to be in this position’ | Press Conference
2021-10-21 Trevis Gipson on playing with a chip on his shoulder | Press Conference
2021-10-21 Bill Lazor: ‘I think we’re on track’ | Press Conference
2021-10-21 Sean Desai: 'It’s a collective effort, we have to execute’ | Press Conference
2021-10-22 Jaylon Johnson on being a versatile asset on defense | Press Conference
2021-10-22 Thomas Jones' second career in Hollywood | Inside the Bears
2021-10-22 Matt Nagy on mindset: ‘Whatever it takes to win’ | Press Conference
2021-10-22 Coffee with Coach | Week 7: Buccaneers
2021-10-24 Darnell Mooney: 'You’ll hear me in the house shooting JUGS' | Player Profile
2021-10-24 Bears at Buccaneers | Game Preview
2021-10-24 Bears vs. Buccaneers trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-10-24 Justin Fields finds Cole Kmet over the middle for 22 yards
2021-10-24 Defense turns back Buccaneers with goal-line stand
2021-10-24 Defense stops Fournette on third-and-1
2021-10-24 Khalil Herbert opens drive with 29-yard run
2021-10-25 Khalil Herbert talks loss to Buccaneers | Press Conference
2021-10-25 Roquan Smith: 'Can't let this game beat us twice' | Press Conference
2021-10-25 Justin Fields on loss to Tampa Bay: 'We gotta continue to work' | Press Conference
2021-10-25 Matt Nagy on loss to Buccaneers | Press Conferences
2021-10-25 Khalil Herbert's best plays from 133-yard game
2021-10-25 Highlights: Bears at Buccaneers | 2021 Week 7
2021-10-25 Matt Nagy: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-10-26 Jason Peters: ‘You have to look at yourself as an individual and fix yourself first’ | Press Conference
2021-10-26 Allen Robinson II: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-10-26 Eddie Jackson on defensive mindset: ‘Go out and dominate’ | Press Conference
2021-10-27 Darnell Mooney: 'Everybody's success echoes off each other' | Press Conference
2021-10-27 Justin Fields: 'You gotta learn from your mistakes' | Press Conference
2021-10-27 Matt Nagy on run game: 'That's a big positive for us' | Press Conference
2021-10-27 Speed and space vs. Buccaneers | Thayer's Playbook
2021-10-27 Fields and receivers building chemistry | Bears Update
2021-10-28 Bill Lazor: 'We've got to be better in every aspect of the passing game' | Press Conference
2021-10-28 Chris Tabor: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-10-28 Sean Desai: 'There's some things we can build on' | Press Conference
2021-10-28 Alec Ogletree: 'We have a good opportunity to make plays' | Press Conference
2021-10-28 Sam Mustipher: 'You have to search for opportunities to get better' | Press Conference 
2021-10-28 Khalil Herbert focusing on letting the game come to him | Press Conference
2021-10-28 NFL Throwback: Bears' miracle 2001 win over Browns
2021-10-28 By The Numbers | Bears vs 49ers: Week 8
2021-10-29 Coffee with Coach: Bears legends to be honored, Halloween costume ideas
2021-10-29 Trevis Gipson on defense: 'We're gonna go out there and give it our all' |  Press Conference
2021-10-29 Akiem Hicks on stopping the run: ‘You have to want it more than that guy’ | Press Conference
2021-10-29 Matt Nagy: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-10-29 Jason McKie: From player to coach | Inside the Bears
2021-10-30 Jimbo Covert on Hall of Fame: 'I look at it as a team honor' | Press Conferences
2021-10-30 Meet STH Monica Lopez: ‘I am a survivor' | Inside the Bears
2021-10-31 DeAndre Houston-Carson is always ready for his moment | Player Profile
2021-10-31 Bears vs. 49ers | Game Preview
2021-10-31 Bears vs. 49ers trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-10-31 Jimbo Covert's halftime Hall of Fame Ceremony
2021-10-31 Can't-Miss Play: Justin Fields' incredible 4th-down TD run
2021-10-31 Justin Fields spins to elude Nick Bosa on 15-yard scramble
2021-10-31 Justin Fields fakes out cameras on 14-yard scramble
2021-10-31 Justin Fields finds Marquise Goodwin for 22-yard completion
2021-10-31 Justin Fields scrambles off bootleg for 16 yards
2021-10-31 Justin Fields makes perfect TD throw to diving Jesse James
2021-10-31 Khalil Herbert breaks loose off the edge for 22 yards
2021-10-31 Roquan Smith on loss to San Francisco | Press Conference
2021-10-31 Khalil Herbert and Jesse James on 33-22 loss to 49ers | Press Conference
2021-10-31 Darnell Mooney talks loss to 49ers | Press Conference
2021-10-31 Justin Fields: 'We just have to execute better' | Press Conference
2021-10-31 Chris Tabor on loss to 49ers | Press Conference
2021-10-31 Justin Fields' best plays vs. 49ers
2021-10-31 Highlights: Bears vs. 49ers | 2021 Week 8