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After Further Review

Bears lament failed 2-point conversion


One day later, the Bears' failed two-point conversion late in Sunday's 17-15 loss to the Denver Broncos remained a main topic of conversation at Halas Hall.

After Jeremy Langford's 2-yard touchdown run with :24 left in the fourth quarter, the rookie running back was stuffed on the subsequent two-point conversion after quarterback Jay Cutler reportedly checked to a running play.

"Unfortunately, today wasn't a game review day just because we play in a couple days [on Thanksgiving]," guard Matt Slauson said Monday. "So unfortunately we aren't going to be able to get a lot of cleanups from yesterday's game.

"But just over the morning seeing some of the guys, we've been able to talk about it and everything's handled now going forward. On that play we just didn't do a very good job communicating and executing."

Slauson wasn't sure whether everyone heard the check.

"I don't know exactly what the problem was," he said. "I haven't been able to talk to Jay today. But we just know as a whole we have to be better communicating.

"Everybody knows, not just that play but all game long the issue was lack of communication, lack of finish, so that is now corrected and we are ready to move forward."

A lack of communication in the Bears secondary also led to Brock Osweiler's 48-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Demaryius Thomas on Denver's first possession. On Monday, veteran cornerback Tracy Porter accepted blame for the miscue.

"That was a miscommunication in the secondary," Porter said. "I take full responsibility for that. I should have done a better job of communicating. Once Kyle [Fuller] came over, there was a miscommunication with us. That was on me. That should have been a play that I should have made. It shouldn't have broken out into a touchdown."

While Porter and free safety Chris Prosinski dropped deep on the play, Fuller covered receiver Cody Latimer and safety Adrian Amos followed Owen Daniels into the flat, leaving Thomas uncovered over the middle.

"Before the snap, there was a miscommunication on where we were supposed to be aligned, which as I said I should have corrected," Porter said. "Once the ball was snapped, [Fuller] kind of got jammed up and tangled up behind a different receiver and he kind of got lost in the shuffle. [Thomas] was wide open. His quarterback (6-8 Brock Osweiler), he's 7-foot-12, so it wasn't hard to miss an open target like that."

After winning four of six since their 0-3 start, Sunday's loss dropped the Bears to 4-6. Heading into Thursday night's clash in Green Bay, Slauson is only concerned about recording a victory, not gauging how much progress the Bears have made since their Week 1 loss to the Packers.

"That part of it doesn't even enter my scope," Slauson said. "We're trying to get a win. We have to get on a roll. We can't afford to lose any more this year if we want to have a chance to play at the end. Really caring about how far we've come and I guess, for lack of a better term, moral victories, that's all gone. We have to win. We have to get actual victories now."

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