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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on the Bears MVP so far

As part of our Wednesday Weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know who they think has been the team's MVP so far this season. Here are some of the responses we received:

"Akiem Hicks, he led one of the best front sevens in the league and had an unstoppable run defense to complement his pass rushing."
Adam Porth
Edina, MN

"Khalil Mack made the entire team better and brought a fresh new attitude and leadership they were lacking."

"MVP is Coach Nagy. top 3 reasons why: 1) Keeping the team focused from week to week, not looking past oppents. 2) Pushing Turbisky to improve and take over leadership. 3) Getting an offense developed that can take over games, not just lean on defense to make plays."
Dubuque, IA

"Kyle Fuller, his attention to detail and his vocal support of defensive plays and players has put him as one of the Bears leaders. A true Monster of the Midway!"

"Eddie Jackson. He's been pretty effective in all facets of the run and pass defense."

"Trubisky! He's been able to stretch out the defenses with his ability to run. He's also kept the offense rolling every week. They had a chance to win every game!"

"Tarik Cohen has to be the most valuable player for the Bears so far. He has an impact in the run game, pass game, and special teams. When the team needs a big play, putting the ball in Cohen's hands is the Bears' best bet."

"The Bears' MVP so far has been Taylor Gabriel. He has stepped up and taken control of the #1 WR with Allen Robinson II out the last few weeks. His speed and ability to catch and run has been immensly important to Trubisky and Coach Nagy."
Tinley Park

"Trey Burton because of the consistent play he brings and the threat he is week to week."
North Charleston, SC

"Besides the defense, it has to be Akiem Hicks. 18 tackles, 10 assist, 3 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles. Not to mention the O-Line has to focus on him, and he leaves Mack and Floyd free to attack on the outside."
Raleigh, NC

"Danny Trevathan. He leads the team in tackles and has been a huge presence on so many plays. He has really solidified the middle linebacker position like a true Bears defense needs."
Warren, IN

"The Bears MVP would have to be the selfless coaching and inspiration of Coach Vic Fangio for integrating new players while keeping the existing players fully engaged. Coach Fangio has been the MVP/MVC of the first half by also working with Coach Nagy to ensure the Team Vison is realized. They are a TOP 10 defense and a Top 10 TEAM."
Salt Lake City, UT

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