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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on key for a Bears win Sunday


As part of our Wednesday Weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans what they think the key is for the Bears to beat the Rams Sunday night. Here are some of the responses we received:

Bears need to have no turnovers and defense must hold Rams to no more than 17 points.
Park Forest

Get pressure on Jared Goff. It shows that he is inconsistent when hurried or pressured and if Da Bears can pressure him they will continue to get turnovers.
Strasburg, CO

The Bears' defensive players must perform to the maximum of their considerable abilities, stopping the run, pressuring the passer, and taking the ball away.
Las Cruces, NM

The key for the Bears against the Rams is our offensive line. They have to give Mitch or Chase time to throw and also, to block for our running backs.
Trinity, FL

Defense stays strong till the end. We cannot afford for our defense to put their guard down from beginning of game to the END. Another component will be our quarterback, Trubisky must start and they must put in work, we've got to get the points on that board at all possible opportunities. If both our offense and defense stay strong and play (like I know we can) then we should not only win, we should STOMP THEM! Let's go my bears!!!
Coachella CA

Bear's front 4 on D have to make Goff's day miserable and Trubisky has to light up the Sunday night lights...bear down!
Montreal, Canada

Run Howard and Cohen to keep Goff and offense off the field. 2 defense must wrap up on tackling and know your assignment we will need two turnovers. 3 special teams must play mistake free.
Mean Gene

The key for the Bears to defeat the Rams are taking care of the ball on offense, protecting Mitchell as best as possible and getting the ball into the hands of our play makers Cohen and Robinson etc. and on the other side of the ball the defense just needs to keep creating turnovers and come out strong, play with a high intensity by making big plays and getting off the field on third down!
Wilmington, OH

The key to victory is shutting down the run game of the Rams. Force Goff to throw. The pressure from the Bears defensive line, anchored by Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack, will give the opportunistic defensive backs a chance to eat all night. Offensively, Mitchell Trubisky has to start for the Bears to have a chance. This goes without saying and shouldn't be in question.
Richmond, VA

The key to the game will be pressuring and sacking Rams QB Jared Goff. With the weather expecting to be 20 Degrees and the Solider Field crowd expecting to be raucous. The Monsters of the Midway led by Khalil Mack must get the sack party started early and often. If this happens Club Dub will be LIT... BOOM!
Las Vegas, NV

Trubisky using his legs to evade the rush and make plays downfield.
Calgary, AB, Canada

Run the ball and stop the run..... seems cliche but the forecast is currently for rain changing to snow. Defensively pressure up the middle in Goff's face may lead to some hurried throws which plays into our secondary's hands. Lastly can we keep Aaron Donald out of our backfield?? May some extra tight end sets.
Griffith, IN

The offensive line will need to stop the dominance of Donald to win this game. If he is stopped the offense has the ability to make great plays.
Kilcar, Ireland

Confidence that the Bears are as good as, or better than, the Rams!
Bishop Bob
Tampa, FL

For the Bears to be successful, Trubisky has to start and must have a great game. To do that, the offensive line MUST offer great protection. Defensively, Mack and Smith have to create opportunities for Fuller and Jackson to intercept.

Trubisky getting rid of the ball quickly and Allan Robinson and Taylor Gabriel continue to make big plays.
Green Forest, AR

If Mitch Trubisky is at full strength to play, we will have a decent chance to win. It seems that he not only energizes the offense, but also the defense.
Ely, MN

Clock management! Let's get the run game really going. Howard and Cohen should both have 100+ yards to keep their offense on the sideline. And when their offense does see the field, ferocious D!

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