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They Said It

They said it: Super Bowl XX


Read what writers around the country were saying about the Bears following their Super Bowl XX win over the Patriots.

Don Pierson, Chicago Tribune
Comments: "This is as good as it gets. The Bears won the Super Bowl 46-10 in an awesome display of football encompassing all the joy and fury of an awesome season. Their destruction of the New England Patriots was so complete it went beyond Super Bowl proportions and recalled only their record 73-0 victory by the Bears in the 1940 NFL championship game. The Bears have a tradition that transcends Super Bowls and Sunday they ended years of frustration for their city and themselves and showed a nation they play better than they talk or sing."

Bernie Lincicome, Chicago Tribune
Comments: "No more tears. Only laughter. Tomorrow is a friend. A Chicago team can keep a promise. Mission accomplished. Say it was only a football game. Say it was the football game. It was more. It was redemption, it was vindication, it was a great civic aspirin. All the years, all the wait, all the alibis. Gone. Stomped into the lint of the Superdome, stuffed into the three-cornered hat of a Yankee imposter that drew the short straw in the Super Bowl, way down yonder, down on the levee, the day Chicago lived."

Bob Verdi, Chicago Tribune
Comments: "In the end, their bite was even better than their bark. And they weren't just a bunch of hot dogs selling hamburgers. And that bit of shuffling they did a month ago was destiny, not a distraction. In this place that invented jazz, the fat lady sang early Sunday, before halftime. In this town with all the one-way streets, the Bears paved another Sunday. With only a roof separating them from a full moon, the best team in football, perhaps one of the best teams ever in football, won Super Bowl XX."

Ray Sons, Chicago Sun-Times
Comments: "If heaven has cures for an old man's hips, George Halas surely must be dancing a jig upstairs. The Bears scored the most points in Super Bowl history, won by the largest margin, but this must be recorded as a defensive triumph, the finest performance by the best defensive team the Bears have had."

Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated
Comments: "It will be many years before we see anything approaching the vision of hell that Chicago inflicted on the poor New England Patriots Sunday in Super Bowl XX. It was near perfect, an exquisite mesh of talent and system, defensive football carried to its highest degree. It was a great roaring wave that swept through the playoffs, gathering force and momentum, until it finally crashed home in New Orleans' Superdome in pro football's showcase game."

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