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Videos - December 2021

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2021-12-01 Jaylon Johnson among PFF's highest-graded players in Week 12
2021-12-01 Damiere Byrd: 'It's about going out there and executing on Sunday' | Press Conference 
2021-12-01 Jaylon Johnson: 'We gotta keep moving forward' | Press Conference 
2021-12-01 Christian Jones: 'We're all competitors' | Press Conference
2021-12-01 Matt Nagy: 'We have to be completely locked in' | Press Conference
2021-12-01 By The Numbers | Bears vs. Cardinals: Week 13
2021-12-02 Robert Quinn: NFC Defensive Player of the Month | Highlights 
2021-12-02 Chris Tabor: 'The game is becoming more specialized' | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Jaylon Johnson shares the story behind his 'My Cause My Cleats' 
2021-12-02 Sean Desai: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Bill Lazor on Andy Dalton: ‘Wisdom comes from experience’ | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Robert Quinn: 'It's nice to be recognized' | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Darnell Mooney: ‘I believe in myself highly’ | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Artie Burns: 'It felt really good to be back out there' | Press Conference
2021-12-02 Robert Quinn named NFC Defensive Player of the Month | Bears Update
2021-12-03 Coffee with Coach | Week 13: Cardinals
2021-12-03 Andy Dalton: 'I am doing everything I can to help this team win' | Press Conference
2021-12-03 Larry Borom: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-03 Matt Nagy: Andy Dalton to start vs. Cardinals | Press Conference
2021-12-03 Big Guys in a Benz: Darnell Mooney on TD celebrations, playing the piano
2021-12-05 Larry Borom: 'It's about what you do when you get in there' | Player Profile
2021-12-05 Bears vs. Cardinals | Game Preview
2021-12-05 Bears vs. Cardinals trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-12-05 Andy Dalton finds Jimmy Graham for two-point conversion
2021-12-05 Andy Dalton floats perfect pass to Jakeem Grant Sr. for 8-yard TD
2021-12-05 Robert Quinn reads Cards' play design for massive TFL
2021-12-05 Jimmy Graham hauls in 84th career TD pass
2021-12-05 Can't-Miss Play: Trick-play pass to Jakeem Grant Sr. is an adventure
2021-12-05 David Montgomery caps impressive drive with 2-yard TD plunge
2021-12-05 David Montgomery gashes Cardinals defense on 24-yard run
2021-12-05 Cole Kmet, Jakeem Grant Sr. on 33-22 loss | Press Conference
2021-12-05 Roquan Smith: 'We just gotta keep moving forward' | Press Conference
2021-12-05 David Montgomery: 'I'll never stop giving everything I got' | Press Conference
2021-12-05 Andy Dalton: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-05 Matt Nagy talks 33-22 loss to Cardinals | Press Conference
2021-12-05 David Montgomery's best plays vs. Cardinals
2021-12-05 Highlights: Bears vs. Cardinals | 2021 Week 13
2021-12-06 Matt Nagy on David Montgomery: 'Winning to him is more important than anything' | Press Conference
2021-12-07 Jimmy Graham: 'We need to focus in' | Press Conference
2021-12-07 Jimmy Graham | 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee
2021-12-07 Darnell Mooney: 'I've always looked at myself as a threat' | Press Conference
2021-12-07 Bears surprise Jimmy Graham with Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination
2021-12-07 David Montgomery in the passing game vs. Cardinals | Thayer's Playbook
2021-12-08 Tashaun Gipson Sr. on rivalry games: 'You take them personally' | Press Conference
2021-12-08 Justin Fields: ‘We are going to attack every game like it’s our last’ | Press Conference
2021-12-08 Teven Jenkins: ‘It’s all about trusting the process’ | Press Conference
2021-12-08 Matt Nagy: Justin Fields to start vs. Packers | Press Conference
2021-12-08 Justin Fields cleared to start against Packers | Bears Update
2021-12-08 David Montgomery vs. Cardinals: 'I ain't giving up on us' | Mic'd Up
2021-12-09 Cassius Marsh Sr.: 'I'm happy to be here' | Press Conference 
2021-12-09 Jaylon Johnson: 'Our determination is no different' | Press Conference 
2021-12-09 Chris Tabor: 'Everyone that wears a helmet has to contribute' | Press Conference
2021-12-09 Sean Desai: 'We have to play to our strengths' | Press Conference
2021-12-09 Bill Lazor on Darnell Mooney: 'He's serious about football' | Press Conference
2021-12-09 Allen Robinson II: 'We have to continue to push forward' | Press Conference
2021-12-09 By The Numbers | Bears at Packers: Week 14
2021-12-10 Coffee with Coach | Week 14: Packers
2021-12-10 David Montgomery: 'We're just working hard' | Press Conference 
2021-12-10 Matt Nagy: 'I believe in this team' | Press Conference
2021-12-10 Akiem Hicks has sense of appreciation playing in the NFL | Press Conference
2021-12-10 Big Guys in a Benz: Larry Borom's hidden talent
2021-12-10 Spice Adams prank at Jewel-Osco: 'Clean up in aisle 7!' | Inside The Bears
2021-12-12 Jimmy Graham: 'I look to help people that can't help themselves' | Player Profile
2021-12-12 Bears at Packers | Game Preview
2021-12-12 Bears at Packers trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-12-13 Trevis Gipson sacks Rodgers with physical bullrush off edge
2021-12-13 Cairo Santos sinks 44-yard FG to close out first half
2021-12-13 Justin Fields gets Bears into FG range with 20-yard scramble on third down
2021-12-13 Khalil Herbert's 42-yard kick return sets Bears up near midfield
2021-12-13 Jakeem Grant Sr.'s spectacular punt return TD | Can't-Miss Play
2021-12-13 Can't-Miss Play: Damiere Byrd catches slant, races for 54-yard TD
2021-12-13 Can't-Miss Play: Jakeem Grant Sr. turn on the jets on 46-yard TD
2021-12-13 Robert Quinn's edge pressure creates combo sack with Bilal Nichols
2021-12-13 Jakeem Grant Sr. weaves through traffic on speedy 34-yard punt return
2021-12-13 Robert Quinn sacks Rodgers, celebrates accordingly
2021-12-13 Justin Fields shows poise on 19-yard fadeaway throw to Darnell Mooney
2021-12-13 Justin Fields flees pocket for chain-moving scramble on third down
2021-12-13 Jaylon Johnson discusses loss to Packers | Press Conference
2021-12-13 Robert Quinn talks two-sack game vs. Packers | Press Conference
2021-12-13 Jakeem Grant Sr. on two-TD performance | Press Conference
2021-12-13 Justin Fields on 298-yard game vs. Packers | Press Conference
2021-12-13 Matt Nagy talks Justin Fields, Teven Jenkins | Press Conference
2021-12-13 Justin Fields' best plays vs. Packers | Week 14
2021-12-13 Highlights: Bears at Packers | 2021 Week 14
2021-12-13 Matt Nagy: 'There's not any quit' | Press Conference
2021-12-15 Sam Mustipher: 'How can I be the best center to win?' | Press Conference
2021-12-15 Alec Ogletree on Roquan Smith: 'Proud to be his teammate' | Press Conference
2021-12-15 Justin Fields' speed and athleticism vs. Packers | Thayer's Playbook 
2021-12-16 Eddie Jackson vs. Packers: 'Lock in, lock up!' | Mic'd Up
2021-12-16 Justin Fields: 'Every week I just feel more and more comfortable' | Press Conference 
2021-12-16 Matt Nagy: 'It's the next-man-up mentality' | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Tashaun Gipson Sr.: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Charles Tillman's most underappreciated CBs in NFL history
2021-12-17 Chris Tabor: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Cody Whitehair: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Cole Kmet: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Bill Lazor: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Sean Desai: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-17 Looking back at Charles Tillman's best 'Peanut Punches'
2021-12-18 Damiere Byrd: 'You find a way to fight' | Press Conference
2021-12-18 Bruce Irvin focused on finishing season strong | Press Conference
2021-12-18 Coffee with Coach | Week 15: Vikings
2021-12-18 Matt Nagy: 'We don't dwell on the negative, we just focus on the positive' | Press Conference
2021-12-20 Bears' top 5 plays vs. Vikings | NFL Throwback
2021-12-20 Roquan Smith: 'I'm laying it all on the line' | Player Profile
2021-12-20 Bears vs. Vikings | Game Preview
2021-12-20 Bears vs. Vikings trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-12-21 Justin Fields hits second gear on 23-yard scamper
2021-12-21 Akiem Hicks swallows up Cousins for Bears' fourth sack
2021-12-21 Justin Fields fits tight-window throw to Cole Kmet up the seam for 23-yard gain
2021-12-21 Damien Williams avoids blocker, deflects Vikings punt
2021-12-21 Deon Bush picks off Kirk Cousins to put Bears in Vikings territory
2021-12-21 Justin Fields finds David Montgomery on back shoulder to convert on 4th down
2021-12-21 David Montgomery locates cutback lane for 16-yard burst
2021-12-21 Justin Fields fires to Darnell Mooney on the run for 27-yard pickup
2021-12-21 Another one! Robert Quinn drops Cousins for 15th sack of season
2021-12-21 Akiem Hicks barrels through for powerful sack of Cousins
2021-12-21 Roquan Smith on Robert Quinn: 'The guy's a beast' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Robert Quinn: 'It's good company to be in' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Deon Bush: 'I'm proud of how the guys fought' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Akiem Hicks: 'We're looking for a battle' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Thomas Graham Jr. on first start: 'It was a dream come true' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Darnell Mooney discusses Monday night loss | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Justin Fields talks correcting self-made mistakes | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Matt Nagy on the Bears' defense: 'It was relentless' | Press Conference
2021-12-21 Highlights: Bears vs. Vikings | 2021 Week 15
2021-12-21 Matt Nagy: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-22 Thomas Graham Jr.: 'I wanna see myself get better' | Press Conference
2021-12-22 Cole Kmet: 'You gotta do your best to stay positive' | Press Conference
2021-12-22 Justin Fields on Darnell Mooney: 'He truly inspires me to get better' | Press Conference
2021-12-22 Matt Nagy on Justin Fields: 'He's continued to grow and get better' | Press Conference 
2021-12-22 Meet final artist behind Bears unique gameday posters | Inside the Bears
2021-12-22 Roquan Smith stopping plays vs. Vikings | Thayer's Playbook
2021-12-22 Graham Jr. shines, Bears prepare to face Seahawks | Bears Update
2021-12-23 Chris Tabor: 'I'm excited to be back' | Press Conference
2021-12-23 Sean Desai: 'I'm most proud of the process' | Press Conference
2021-12-23 Alec Ogletree: 'Every day, you can't take it for granted' | Press Conference
2021-12-23 Bill Lazor: ‘Are you driven by...wanting to be the best?’ | Press Conference
2021-12-23 Darnell Mooney: 'I'm blessed to be able to play' | Press Conference
2021-12-23 NFLN: David Montgomery watches film with youth football player
2021-12-23 By The Numbers | Bears at Seahawks: Week 16
2021-12-24 Big Guys in a Benz: Spice is not a fan of Cassius Marsh's grits | Inside the Bears
2021-12-24 Teven Jenkins: 'I expect the best' | Press Conference
2021-12-24 Matt Nagy: Nick Foles to start vs. Seahawks | Press Conference
2021-12-25 Coffee with Coach | Week 16: Seahawks
2021-12-26 Bilal Nichols: 'It took so much for me to get here' | Player Profile
2021-12-26 Bears at Seahawks | Game Preview
2021-12-26 Bears at Seahawks trailer | Bears Buzz
2021-12-27 Can't-Miss Play: Damiere Byrd shows INCREDIBLE body control on two-point conversion to give Bears the lead
2021-12-27 Jimmy Graham hauls in Nick Foles throw for vintage TD catch
2021-12-27 Darnell Mooney enters Beast Mode in Seattle on 30-yard pickup
2021-12-27 Robert Quinn closes in on franchise record with 17th sack of season
2021-12-27 Cole Kmet fends off would-be tackler with spinning 16-yard catch-and-run
2021-12-27 David Montgomery takes screen pass for 16-yard gain
2021-12-27 Khalil Herbert hits huge hole, finds end zone for 20-yard TD
2021-12-27 David Montgomery breaks out snow angel celebration after TD
2021-12-27 Dazz Newsome's 28-yard punt return positions Bears inside red zone
2021-12-27 Dazz Newsome scoops first career reception, gets up to move chains
2021-12-27 David Montgomery's truck stick plants Seahawks DB into ground
2021-12-27 Bilal Nichols drops Russell Wilson into snow for third-down sack
2021-12-27 David Montgomery on win: 'It feels amazing, I'm gonna enjoy it' | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Damiere Byrd on game-winning drive: 'You can see the fight' | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Robert Quinn: 'I just try to live in the present and be the best player I can be' | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Nick Foles after win over Seahawks: 'I'm happy for my teammates' | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Matt Nagy: 'I'm proud of our players, they don't quit' | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Highlights: Bears at Seahawks | 2021 Week 16
2021-12-27 GMFB: Nick Foles awarded Week 16 game ball
2021-12-27 Matt Nagy on players: ‘They deserve to have the feeling to win’ | Press Conference
2021-12-27 Inspire Change: Jimmy Graham
2021-12-28 Allen Robinson II: Media Availability | Press Conference
2021-12-28 Alec Ogletree: 'I've just been grateful for the opportunity' | Press Conference 
2021-12-28 Brian Urlacher breaks down film with George Kittle | Next Generations
2021-12-28 GMFB: David Montgomery named Week 16 'Angry Runs' winner
2021-12-28 Inspire Change: Eddie Jackson
2021-12-28 Cole Kmet shows versatility vs. Seahawks | Thayer's Playbook
2021-12-29 Bears surprise Jewel-Osco shoppers
2021-12-29 Inspire Change: Roquan Smith
2021-12-29 Darnell Mooney on improvements: 'Being a leader and more vocal' |  Press Conference
2021-12-29 Eddie Jackson: 'We're showing resilience, no one has given up' | Press Conference
2021-12-29 Matt Nagy: ‘You have to focus on execution and playing well’ | Press Conference
2021-12-30 Inspire Change: Allen Robinson II
2021-12-30 Chris Tabor on Dazz Newsome: 'He's gotten better from day one' | Press Conference
2021-12-30 Sean Desai on Robert Quinn: 'He goes out and does his job' | Press Conference
2021-12-30 Bill Lazor on the offense: 'We gotta be a machine' | Press Conference
2021-12-30 Cole Kmet: 'Everyone's playing for a job, what you put on tape matters' | Press Conference
2021-12-30 David Montgomery: 'I run with physicality' | Press Conference
2021-12-30 Stacey Dales reflects on life, legacy of Jeff Dickerson
2021-12-30 Bears prepare for home finale vs. Giants | Bears Update
2021-12-30 NFLN: Devin Hester reacts to being named Hall of Fame finalist
2021-12-31 Coffee with Coach | Week 17: Giants
2021-12-31 By The Numbers | Bears vs. Giants: Week 17
2021-12-31 Andy Dalton: 'You have to stay ready' | Press Conference
2021-12-31 Matt Nagy names Andy Dalton to start vs. Giants | Press Conference