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Can Trubisky top 3,000 yards next year?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

Do you think that Mitchell Trubisky can throw for more than 3,000 yards next season under new coach Matt Nagy?

Tim C.
Inverness, Illinois

I certainly think there's a good possibility of that happening as long as Mitchell Trubisky is able to stay healthy. If he starts all 16 games he would have to average only 187.5 yards per contest to reach 3,000 for the season. Trubisky topped that total in four of 12 starts as a rookie, but I believe that he'll throw for more yards in his second year under new head coach Matt Nagy and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. Just in case you were wondering, there were 22 NFL quarterbacks who threw for at least 3,000 yards in 2017. Jay Cutler reached that plateau five times in eight seasons with the Bears. The only other Bears quarterbacks to accomplish that feat have been Erik Kramer with a franchise-record 3,838 yards in 1995 and 3,011 yards in 1997 and Rex Grossman with 3,193 yards in 2006.

I loved the segment on Tarik Cohen's best quotes. It made me wonder, who is on your list of the greatest Bears interviewees of all time? Cohen would have to be in the top 10, I would think.

Neil A.
Portland, Oregon

Interesting question, Neil. I've been covering the Bears since 1992, so that includes literally hundreds of players. I would agree that Tarik Cohen is excellent; definitely at or near the top of the list on the current team. He's very funny and creative, and he's comfortable in front of the media, which is kind of surprising given that he's a rookie from a small college. A few others from the past who come to mind include defensive tackle Steve McMichael (very funny and slightly profane), quarterback Jim Miller (honest, humorous and genuine) and safety Mike Brown (didn't talk much, but when he did it was very impactful).

How many touchdowns did Brian Urlacher score in his career with the Bears?

Peter W.
Jacksonville, Florida

Brian Urlacher scored five touchdowns in his 13 seasons with the Bears, four on defense and one on special teams. He scored two TDs on fumbles, both against the Falcons. One came on a 90-yard return in a 31-3 win in Atlanta on Oct. 7, 2001 and the other occurred when he recovered a fumble in the end zone in a 30-12 victory at Soldier Field in the 2011 season opener. He also scored TDs on interception returns of 85 yards in a 35-7 win over the Packers on Dec. 23, 2007 and 46 yards in a 51-20 victory over the Titans on Nov. 4, 2012; and on a 27-yard pass from Brad Maynard on a fake field goal in a 20-15 win over the Redskins on Dec. 23, 2001.

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