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Chalk Talk: How did Roberson get injured?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

I was disappointed to hear that the Bears waived cornerback Tre Roberson. As a Bears fan and Illinois State graduate, I was really looking forward to seeing him compete for a job in training camp. Do you know how he got hurt?
Howard S.
Mattoon, Illinois

General manager Ryan Pace revealed during a video call with the media Wednesday that cornerback Tre Roberson broke his foot while working out this offseason. The Bears waived him with an injury designation Tuesday. But because he wasn't claimed by another NFL team, Roberson reverted to the Bears' non-football injury list. Listening to Pace, it was clear that you're not the only one disappointed about Roberson getting hurt, Howard. Said the Bears general manager: "That was disappointing. He's disappointed. We're going to work through [the injury] with him. He's a good young player; someone we scouted heavily in the CFL. It's just an unfortunate injury, but something he can recover from, and we're going to work [with] him on that process."

I've seen a couple of coaches around the NFL say they may consider quarantining a third quarterback just in case there's an outbreak of the coronavirus. Is that something the Bears are thinking about?
Thomas P.
Indian Creek, Illinois

I'm not sure to what extent the Bears would quarantine No. 3 quarterback Tyler Bray. But general manager Ryan Pace did concede during a video call with the media Wednesday that he and coach Matt Nagy have discussed being smart with how they handle certain position groups, specifically the third quarterback. Said Pace: "We could be creative maybe how we position him in different meeting rooms and not put him just with the quarterbacks. We're creative with our lifting groups, separating positions so we don't have one group all lifting together. There's been a lot of thought just separating position groups sometimes just so you don't have everybody all in close quarters."

With all the changes regarding training camp, are fans going to be allowed to watch? And if so, what are the guidelines and/or rules?
Jim M.
Burlington, Iowa

The NFL announced in mid-July that fans will not be permitted to attend any team's training camp practices due to the coronavirus. While that is certainly an unfortunate situation, I will promise you that we at will do our best to bring you comprehensive camp coverage on a daily basis.

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