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Chalk Talk: Last player Bears drafted at 43

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

Who were the last players the Bears selected with the No. 43 and 50 picks in the draft that they have this year?­
Dan P.­
Aurora, Illinois­

The Bears haven't drafted a player with the No. 43 pick since 1977 when they chose safety Mike Spivey out of Colorado. Spivey spent three seasons with the Bears, predominantly as a special-teams player. He appeared in 46 games with three starts—all in 1978—and did not record an interception. He did play on two Bears teams that reached the playoffs as wild cards in 1977 and '79. Interestingly, three players who later played for the Bears were selected by other teams with the No. 43 pick: Running back/return specialist Glyn Milburn by the Broncos in 1993, receiver Muhsin Muhammad by the Panthers in 1996 and linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa by the Rams in 2003. The last player the Bears chose with the No. 50 pick was linebacker Jon Bostic in 2013 out of Florida. Bostic spent his first two NFL seasons with the Bears, appearing in 29 games with 17 starts before being traded to the Patriots in exchange for a sixth-round pick in the 2016 draft. The Bears later dealt that pick back to New England along with tight end Martellus Bennett for a 2016 fourth-round pick that was used to select safety Deiondre' Hall out of Northern Iowa.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace recently commented that Mitchell Trubisky is not permitted to work with Bears coaches until the offseason program begins April 20. Is that due to something in the CBA? And is it so strictly enforced that a player cannot seek advice from coaches regarding something they've picked up from film?
Mike P.
Charlotte, NC

Yes, the collective bargaining agreement prohibits NFL players and coaches from getting together to talk football, review a playbook, watch film or do any other football-related activity until the start of the offseason program. Players are able to workout at the team facility, however, and watch film on their own. Today's technology makes that easy, with players able to watch film on their iPads wherever they are.

With all the buzz about who the Bears will pick in the second round of the draft, I think they should look for a tight end or wide receiver. What are your thoughts?
New Brunswick

I certainly wouldn't be surprised if those are two of the positions that the Bears consider in the draft. General manager Ryan Pace revealed during the NFL Combine that the Bears were looking at the tight end position in free agency and the draft, saying: "That's an area of focus for us. I don't think that's a secret. This offense, a lot of it goes through the tight end. We're exploring every avenue." Pace also mentioned that the wide receiver position is "a strength of this draft for sure" and that the Bears interviewed a couple receivers on the first night of the Combine. Said Pace: "It's strong, and they're all so different. There's this explosive speed guy, then there's the big target and possession guys."

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