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Chalk Talk: When can Bears begin practicing?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

When will the real training camp begin, and when will there be contact and actual football being played in practice?
Paul C.
Freeport, Illinois

I'm not 100 percent sure what you mean by "the real training camp," Paul. But if you're referring to when the Bears and other NFL teams will be allowed to begin to stage regular practices, the agreement between the league and the NFL Players Association permits teams to conduct non-contact practices next Friday, Aug. 14 and Sunday, Aug. 16, with padded workouts set to begin on Monday, Aug. 17. In terms of contact, teams are allowed to hold 14 padded practices from Aug. 17-Sept. 6. Bears coach Matt Nagy has said that he plans to employ live drills during those workouts to replicate game-like conditions. But we'll have to wait and see how often those occur.

Have you heard anything about the NFL expanding rosters this year because of COVID-19? Similar to the way Major League Baseball has allowed extra players, it seems like it would be a good idea for the league. Plus with no preseason games, it would be nice if the Bears didn't have to make as many cuts since players won't get as many opportunities to make the team.
Brady K.
Idaho Falls, Idaho

It is my understanding that rosters will not be expanded this year from the usual 53-man limit, but there will be measures taken to provide some flexibility due to the coronavirus. For instance, practice squads will expand to 16, and I also believe that teams will be allowed to put players on injured reserve for three weeks before returning them to the active roster.

Did Eddy Piñeiro set the Bears rookie record for field-goal percentage at 82.1 percent last year?
Tracy F.
Marshall, Illinois

Eddy Piñeiro was technically considered a first-year player last year with the Bears after spending his rookie season on injured reserve with the Raiders in 2018. But in terms of kickers in their first seasons with the Bears, Piñeiro's 82.1 percentage on field-goal attempts (23 of 28) ranks third in franchise history behind Kevin Butler's 83.8 (31 of 37) in 1985 and Jeff Jaeger's 82.6 (19 of 23) in 1996.

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