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Chalk Talk: Why was 2-point conversion spotted at 1?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

I'm trying to understand why the spot for Denver's two-point conversion Sunday was the 1-yard line. The ball was initially spotted at the 2, moved back to the 7 after a delay of game penalty on the Broncos and then moved to the 1 after the Bears were penalized for offsides on Denver's extra point. Shouldn't the ball have gone back to the 2?
Ellen M.

You definitely weren't alone wondering about that. I've received a ton of emails asking the same question and I was also puzzled about the ruling during the game. After doing some research, I can tell you that the officiating crew made the correct determination. A team can attempt a two-point conversion from the 2 or an extra point from the 15. If there's a penalty, the foul is enforced from only one of those spots. So after the Broncos were penalized five yards for delay of game, they could have attempted the two-point conversion from the 7 or the extra point from the 20. When they chose the 20 and there was a penalty on the Bears, the foul would be enforced from the 20 or the 2. Denver chose the 2 and the ball was moved half the distance to the goal line to the 1. Here's how it's explained in the NFL rulebook (11.20): "Team A always has the option to enforce a Team B foul from the previous spot or the other Try spot. The other Try spot does not change, regardless of any penalty enforced during previous try attempts."

How serious is the injury that knocked defensive lineman Bilal Nichols out of the Broncos game?
Terry P.

Coach Matt Nagy said Monday that the wrist injury that Bilal Nichols sustained against the Broncos was still being evaluated and that the Bears would know more in 24-48 hours. Nagy added that he did not think it is an issue that would land Nichols on injured reserve.

When was the last time a Bears kicker made two 50-yard field goals in a game?
Gary T.
Elmhurst, Illinois

Eddy Piñeiro became the first Bears kicker to accomplish that feat Sunday in Denver since Nov. 27, 2011 when Robbie Gould booted field goals of 50 and 53 yards in a 25-20 loss to the Raiders in Oakland. Combining his college and pro stats, Piñeiro is now 7-for-7 on field-goal attempts of 50 yards or more. He was 5-for-5 in two seasons at Florida with a long of 54 yards and is now 2-for-2 from that distance with the Bears after making 52- and 53-yarders in Sunday's win over the Broncos.

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