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What is Bears record in Metrodome?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I'm glad this will be the Bears' last game in the Metrodome. It doesn't seem to me like they've had a whole lot of success there. What is their record in the stadium?

John G.
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Bears are 12-19 against the Vikings in the Metrodome since it opened in 1982. They won three of the first four and four of the first six before losing six of seven. The Bears then won three straight, including a playoff victory in 1995, but are just 4-11 since then, including 2-8 since 2002.

With the Bears failing to score so many times at the 1-yard line against the Rams, I was surprised they didn't call at least one quarterback sneak. Do you think that's because they didn't want to risk an injury to Josh McCown with Jay Cutler already sidelined?

Bruce J.
Naperville, Illinois

Josh McCown said this week that he doesn't believe the reason the Bears didn't call any quarterback sneaks at the 1-yard line in last weekend's loss to the Rams was to preserve his health. Said McCown: "I think coach [Marc Trestman] is calling the best play he sees fit. I think Marc's just trying to make the best choice for our team and then from that standpoint the best play for our offense, and that's all I think is in consideration."

Seeing the Vikings and Packers tie got me wondering about when the Bears last played to a tie. When was it and who was it against?

Ralph L.
Champaign, Illinois

The Bears' last tie occurred on Sept. 24, 1972 when they played the Los Angeles Rams to a 17-17 deadlock at Soldier Field. (That was two years before overtime was adopted by the NFL.)

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