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What letter grade does Trubisky deserve?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

What letter grade would you give Mitchell Trubisky in his first NFL start?

Jacob L.

I would probably give Mitchell Trubisky a B-minus for his performance against the Vikings. I thought he came out strong and unfazed by the magnitude of the Monday Night Football stage and threw with a lot of accuracy from the outset of the game. He also showed the same mobility, elusiveness and ability to extend plays that he demonstrated in training camp and the preseason. His numbers weren't great, but he was victimized by poor play around him, namely dropped passes and penalties that created third-and-long situations on almost every possession. All-in-all, I was impressed with the way Trubisky performed. But I know that he is driven to improve and am confident that he will do so. I probably would have given him a solid "B-plus" before the late interception, but it was a costly mistake that he no doubt will look to avoid in the future.

How did Mitchell Trubisky fare in his first start statistically compared to the other rookie quarterbacks you mentioned in an edition of "Chalk Talk" last week?

Peter D.
Palatine, Illinois

Mitchell Trubisky became the 11th Bears rookie quarterback to start a game in the Super Bowl era. Among that group, his 128 yards ranks seventh behind Cade McNown (255), Jim McMahon (233), Craig Krenzel (168), Rex Grossman (157), Moses Moreno (153) and Kyle Orton (141). Trubisky's 60.1 passer rating is sixth behind Bobby Douglass (95.1), McMahon (72.5), Krenzel (70.1), Moreno (62.3) and McNown (62.1).

Do you think the Bears will move receiver Tanner Gentry up to the active roster from the practice squad? It seems like Gentry and Mitchell Trubisky developed a rapport during the preseason.

Vic L.

Shortly after you sent your email Wednesday morning the Bears promoted Tanner Gentry from the practice squad and released receiver/return specialist Deonte Thompson. Gentry did develop some cohesiveness with Mitchell Trubisky during not only the preseason but starting in training camp as well. It will be interesting to see if that carries over to regular-season games and how many opportunities Gentry will get to make plays on offense.

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