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When will Jon Bostic play on defense?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

When will Jon Bostic make an impact on defense?

From Chicityassassin on Twitter

I'm receiving a lot of emails and tweets from fans wondering when the Bears will play rookie linebacker Jon Bostic on defense. The bottom line is that his time will come. Right now, the Bears coaching staff feels that playing experienced veteran D.J. Williams at middle linebacker in the base defense gives the team a better chance to win. (Williams is replaced in passing situations by nickel back Isaiah Frey.) Bostic is the Bears' fourth linebacker and would be inserted in the game if any of the three starters gets injured or doesn't play up to expectations.

Why isn't Michael Bush getting more carries?

From Cdcorky on Twitter

The reason that Michael Bush was only on the field for two plays last Sunday in Detroit mostly had to do with the fact that the Bears were down big for the final two-and-a-half quarters and virtually had to pass the ball the majority of the time. Coach Marc Trestman described the second half as a 30-minute two-minute drill, and Matt Forte is more equipped for that type of situation than Bush. Here's what Trestman said following the Lions game: "We want Michael to be part of our football and we hope to get him into the mix during the course of the game, but we've got to grow in that area. We just have to find more ways to get him out there. It's just difficult because we don't want to take Matt off the field either."

What are the Bears going to do differently against the Saints than they did in Detroit?

From Tim C. on Twitter

One thing they're determined to do better is hold onto the ball. The Bears are 32-7 since 2008 when they win the turnover battle, and it was clear last Sunday in Detroit how big of a role that plays when the Lions converted four Bears turnovers into 17 points in a 40-32 win. This week in practice the Bears have focused on protecting the ball and working on their fundamentals in an effort to avoid turnovers against the Saints.

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