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Who was last Bears player of week?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Who was the last Bears defensive player to win an NFC player of the week award?

Paul G.
Oak Lawn, Illinois

Akiem Hicks is the first Bears player to be named NFC defensive player of the week since Kyle Fuller was honored in Week 2 of 2014 after he intercepted two passes in a comeback win over the 49ers. Interestingly (maybe only to me) is the fact that the last four Bears defensive players of the week all entered the NFL as first-round draft picks. Brian Urlacher (Week of 2012), Julius Peppers (Week 16 of 2012) and Shea McClellin (Week 9 of 2013) preceded Fuller.

How would you assess how Deon Bush has played since he joined the starting lineup?

Andrew K.

I'll defer to defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who knows a lot more about safety play than I do. Fangio has been pleased with how Bush has performed while starting the last three games. The rookie fourth-round pick still has a lot to improve on, but Fangio said: "I thought he was solid in his play and was where he was supposed to be all the time and did well."

My name is Logan and I am 13 years and live in California. I am a huge Bears fan and always have been. My grandfather is a Lions fan and we have a wager on Sunday's game. Whoever loses must buy the other hot dogs at a local establishment. I am asking you to please, please win! Both of us are bad winners and are never going to let the other forget who won and I really don't want to buy hot dogs.

Logan R.

Logan, I have been assured by several members of the Bears that they will try their best to earn you some free hot dogs from your grandfather on Sunday. Either way, I hope you enjoy watching the game together. And be nice to him; his team is playing very well this year but hasn't won a championship since 1957.

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