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Why didn't Bears challenge spot?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I thought the Bears should have challenged the generous spot the officials gave the Texans after Brock Osweiler's quarterback sneak. Why did they choose not to do so?

Greg L.
Matteson, Illinois

The play you're referring to came early in the fourth quarter with the Bears leading 14-13 and the Texans facing third-and-one at the Chicago 22. Brock Osweiler was credited with a 1-yard gain, resulting in a first down, and the Texans scored the go-ahead touchdown three plays later on Osweiler's 18-yard pass to Will Fuller. Bears coach John Fox explained in his post-game press conference why he didn't challenge the call, saying: "You don't do too well with challenges on spots. If it's not clear cut, it doesn't get changed."

I've heard a lot about how John Fox likes to use a backfield by committee. So why was Jeremy Langford given all but one carry in the opener against the Texans?

Robert P.
Waterloo, Iowa

We probably would have seen more of Ka'Deem Carey and Jordan Howard if the Bears were able to possess the ball for more than the 23:41 they had it. Asked why they didn't employ a backfield by committee approach Sunday, Fox said: "It wasn't that kind of game. It wasn't one of those where we ran it 35 times. So we didn't need to spell a whole lot because of the fronts we were seeing and the type of game it became." Langford had 17 carries for 57 yards and one touchdown, Carey had just one rush for four yards and Howard was active but did not play.

When was the last time the Bears lost their season opener while all three of their division rivals won?

Gary T.
Logansport, Indiana

This year marks the first time that happened since 2007 when the Bears lost their opener to the Chargers 14-3 in San Diego while the Lions, Packers and Vikings all won. Detroit beat the Raiders 36-21, Green Bay edged the Eagles 16-13 and Minnesota defeated the Falcons 24-3.

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