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Why was Marshall not on NFL's top 100 list?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I just saw the top 100 players of 2012 on NFL Network and am really shocked that Bears receiver Brandon Marshall didn't appear. I know that the players are responsible for that list, but I really think his omission is a huge mistake. What are your thoughts?

Alfonso L.

I couldn't agree with you more. In my opinion, it makes absolutely no sense that Brandon Marshall isn't on the list of the NFL's top 100 players. He's still in his prime and is one of only three receivers in the league who have compiled at least 1,000 yards in each of the past five seasons. The other two are included on the list with the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald at No. 7 and the Falcons' Roddy White at No. 65. The good news is that the list means absolutely nothing. Rankings only matter in college football. Everything in the NFL is decided on the field and I'm very excited about Marshall playing for the Bears. He's an absolute beast with size, strength and game-breaking ability.

I know that trades within the same division happen in the NBA, but I can't think of one in the NFC North. When was the last time the Bears made a trade within their division?

Indianapolis, Indiana

The last trade the Bears made within their division that I recall was in 1999 when they sent a seventh-round draft pick to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for Glyn Milburn. It was a deal that worked out very well for both teams. Milburn became the Bears' all-time leading kick returner with 4,596 yards and was voted to a Pro Bowl, while Green Bay selected Donald Driver, who has become the Packers' all-time leading receiver in catches and yards.

In the fourth installment of "Inside Rookie Minicamp," offensive coordinator Mike Tice told No. 68 that he looked like a young Randall McDaniel. Was that undrafted free agent James Brown? He was predicted by some to go as high as the third round and it sounds like he may be considered a diamond in the rough. How did he fare in camp?

Ralph L.
Naperville, Illinois

Yes, Mike Tice was talking to James Brown when he said he reminded him of the Vikings Hall of Famer. I believe the comparison at the time had to do with Brown's athleticism and the way he was running. Yes, Brown could be a diamond in the rough. ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. had the Troy product ranked as the 54th overall prospect in the draft and he was not selected. In terms of how Brown performed, it's difficult to evaluate offensive linemen during offseason practices when there's no contact. I'll be able to give you a much better answer after the pads come on in training camp.

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