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Will Bears arrange lockers by position?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I remember reading how the previous Bears coaching staff moved the lockers around at Halas Hall so offensive and defensive players were interspersed. Do you think the new coaches will (and should) put position groups back together?

Dennis P.
Rockford, Illinois

That change actually happened last week with the lockers at Halas Hall moved back so that position groups are together again. I understand what the previous staff was trying to do in terms of getting players who typically don't spend a lot of time together to know each other a little better. But I think that having the position groups together is the best thing for the team in large part because players get a chance to talk to each other about what they just went over in position meetings while they get dressed for practice.

If you had to pop one Bears game from any year into your DVR to re-watch, which one would it be?

Paul H.
Sycamore, Illinois

That's a great question and an easy answer for me. I'd definitely watch Super Bowl XX and savor every last moment of the Bears' complete destruction of the Patriots. My second game would be the 1984 playoff win over the Redskins. The Bears shocked the two-time defending NFC champions in their home stadium with a bruising defense that was just beginning to develop into the juggernaut we saw in 1985. That was really a coming-of-age game for the Bears in advance of their championship season in 1985.

How many of the Bears' main starters from last season are under contract at least for 2015?

Steve A.
Lake in the Hills, Illinois

Seventeen of last year's 22 primary starters remain under contract. The only five who are due to become unrestricted free agents on March 10 are cornerback Kyle Fuller, linebackers Lance Briggs and D.J. Williams, defensive tackle Stephen Paea and safety Chris Conte.

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