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Will Bears move Long to left tackle?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Do you think the Bears will move Kyle Long from right tackle to left tackle?

Paul M.
Schaumburg, Illinois

I think that's a possibility, but listening to general manager Ryan Pace speak at the NFL Combine this week, it sounds like the Bears are committed to keeping Charles Leno Jr. Jr. at left tackle because they feel that it's his best spot. Here's what Pace had to say about the matter in Indianapolis: "The thing about Kyle that we all love is his position flexibility. But I'm confident in Leno. I thought he got better as the season went on and I do think that Leno is a natural left tackle. That's his best spot. With our offensive line when I look at that we've got some flexibility with some guys there. Our goal is to improve that position, but just acquire the best players and let it all sort out and start the best five." Unlike last season when the Bears switched Long from right guard to right tackle a week before the season opener, the team hopes to decide where he'll play well before training camp. Said Pace: "The main thing with Kyle is we need to make this decision after the player acquisition period is over with and try to leave him at a certain spot. I think it's easy for him to go back to guard. It would be harder if we put him at guard and then put him back out at tackle. We've just got to go through this player acquisition period and see how the chips fall and then put him in a spot and let him grow there."

Do you see the Bears selecting a quarterback in this year's draft?

Pete P.
Columbus, Ohio

In a perfect world, Bears general manager Ryan Pace would like to draft a quarterback at some point every year because of the importance of the position. So I would say it's a definite possibility. Jay Cutler is coming off a good season and the Bears remain committed to him as their starter, but he'll be 33 in April and isn't going to play forever. Here's what Pace said when asked about the quarterback's in this year's draft: "It's a good class. I don't want to get into the specifics, but there are a handful of guys that are up near the top. There are also a handful of quarterbacks in the middle part of the draft that I feel good about and that we've got to make sure we've accurately graded, and that's where our scouts really earn their money."

With Alshon Jeffery most likely returning to the Bears, where does he rank on the team's all-time receiving list in terms of catches, yards and touchdowns?

Nick K.

Alshon Jeffery ranks 10th on the Bears' all-time receiving list in catches (252), eighth in yards (3,728) and 11th in touchdowns (24). The franchise's leaders in those categories are Walter Payton with 492 catches, Johnny Morris with 5,059 yards and Ken Kavanaugh with 50 touchdowns.

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