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Will Bears record affect White's return?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Do you think there's a better chance of Kevin White getting in a game this season if the Bears are in contention for a playoff spot down the stretch?

Evan B.
Omaha, Nebraska

Bears coach John Fox said this week that whether the team is in playoff contention will have no bearing on whether Kevin White plays this season. As you probably know, the Bears opened a 21-day practice window for White Tuesday, meaning they have three weeks to decide whether to put him on the active roster or season-ending injured reserve. Contrary to some reports, White has not yet resumed practicing; he just participated in the stretching portion of Tuesday's workout. Here's what Fox had to say in response to your question: "We're going to deem him healthy and wherever we are in that three-week window, I can't say that our record will have any effect."

With so much apparent interest in Jimmy Clausen (from the Ravens and Broncos), why didn't the Bears try to get a late-round draft pick for him before cutting him?

Neil Y.
Inverness, Scotland

The trading deadline has passed, so the Bears would not have been able to make a deal with another NFL team without putting a vested veteran like Jimmy Clausen through waivers first. As you mentioned, the Ravens and Broncos both claimed Clausen, but he went to Baltimore because the Ravens have a worse record.

Will the Bears have to wear some ugly bastardization of their league-best, classic uniform for Thursday night's game against the Packers? Please say it ain't so.

St. Petersburg, Illinois

Don't worry, Christian, you won't lose your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner. The Bears aren't going to be wearing the "color rush" uniforms that teams have been donning for Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network because their contest against the Packers isn't a regular NFL Network Thursday Night Football broadcast. Even though it's on Thanksgiving Night, it's considered a special edition of Sunday Night Football and is being televised by NBC with announcers Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

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