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Will Clausen start season finale?


Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

I was impressed with how Jimmy Clausen played against the Lions. Is he going to start next Sunday's final game versus the Vikings?

James D.
Marion, Indiana

I would be very surprised if Jimmy Clausen does not start the season finale in Minnesota, but Bears coach Marc Trestman was non-committal after Sunday's loss to the Lions, saying: "We'll just work through this. We have a day off [Monday] and we'll make that decision as we move into the week." I thought Clausen generally played well after shaking off the rust early and proved that he can at least be a No. 2 quarterback in the NFL next season.

UPDATING THIS ANSWER FROM EARLIER ... Jimmy Clausen has been ruled out of the season finale with a concussion he sustained against the Lions. So Jay Cutler will return to start Sunday against the Vikings.

Why did the Bears throw a crucial pass on fourth-and-goal from the 1 to Eben Britton? It seems to me that there had to be better options?

Frank B.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

Coach Marc Trestman explained the call after the game, saying: "That play has three or four options and Eben is the last of the options. We have Dante [Rosario] in the flat and Alshon [Jeffery] in the back. It is a very similar play that we scored on against them in Detroit. We just moved some people around, that's all. Because of pressure, Jimmy [Clausen] just had to get rid of the ball sooner than he would have liked to. He had the option to get to Marty [Bennett] or Alshon, but he wasn't able to get there because of pressure."

I thought Martellus Bennett would have a big game against the Lions, but he was hardly a factor. Why didn't he get many touches?

Edwin W.
Idaho Falls, Idaho

The Lions took away the middle of the field and double-covered Martellus Bennett throughout the game. He was held to just one catch for no yards. Said quarterback Jimmy Clausen: "We were trying to attack them down the middle of the field a little bit, but with the safeties over the top, it's kind of hard. They were doubling Marty pretty much the whole game … they had a guy underneath him and a guy over the top of him, so it was pretty hard to get it down the middle of the field."

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