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Will Trestman call plays on offense?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on

Will Bears head coach Marc Trestman call plays on offense or will he let the coordinator do that?

Jake L.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

New Bears coach Marc Trestman revealed Thursday during his introductory news conference that he will be calling plays as he did as head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes. Said Trestman: "I'll continue to do that and still continue to do the things that I think are necessary to fulfill my obligation in total as the head football coach." Trestman also said that he would work "in a cooperative manner during the week" with his assistants—primarily offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Aaron Kromer and quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh—so there is "accountability and empowerment with our coaching staff." It certainly sounds like Trestman plans to work hands-on with Jay Cutler and the rest of the Bears quarterbacks. Trestman said: "The model is that I'll be in with the quarterback coach and the coordinator in the quarterback meetings on the field. We're going to go hip-to-hip with the quarterback, so there will be an involvement. It will be an involvement that will be intense, but that won't limit my job. I still have to maintain and know what's going on and connect our defense and our special teams as well. There will be time to do that. I've experienced that up in Canada."

Will Jay Cutler be allowed to change plays at the line of scrimmage in the new offense?

Thomas K.
Butte, Montana

Yes, Jay Cutler will be able to call audibles on some plays. Here's how coach Marc Trestman explained the situation: "The quarterback is going to have the keys to the car because he's in the best situation before the snap of the ball to get us in the best play. That's certainly part of football, will be part of football here, will be part of football throughout our league. And Jay is not a first-year player coming in. He's an experienced NFL quarterback, and a very intelligent one at that. There are times we will allow him to do that because it's in the best interest of the offense and the team to do it. There are other plays we don't want him to. But we are going to put him in position where he is protecting the football when he's running the play."

Did new Bears coach Marc Trestman reveal whether he wants Brian Urlacher to return in 2013?

Robert G.
Waukegan, Illinois

During Thursday's press conference, Marc Trestman did not commit one way or the other to Brian Urlacher's future with the Bears, indicating that he would have to discuss all personnel matters with general manager Phil Emery. Asked about Urlacher, Trestman said: "I've watched the man play for a lot of years. He exemplifies what being a Chicago Bear is all about. We all know that. When I step out of this room, we'll being to study and I'll talk to Phil about where personnel fits and how it works. I need to be educated to that, and I can't wait to get started."

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