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Exclusive Q-and-A with Bears OC Getsy

Luke Getsy

New Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy recently spoke exclusively with senior writer Larry Mayer at Halas Hall.

Getsy joins the Bears with 15 years of coaching experience, including seven in the NFL, all with the Packers. He spent the last three seasons as Green Bay's quarterbacks coach while also serving as passing game coordinator in 2020-21.

Here's a transcript of the conversation:

LM: You've talked about operating an offense that accentuates the strengths of your players. Can you expand on that?

LG: "You bring a play-style mentality philosophy to the table and then evaluate what the player does best. How I've been brought up in this business is you build it around the quarterback first, and then you tailor everything else to match what everybody else does well. That process is just ingrained in my soul. We're not going to just run this concept because I like it or it looks great on film. If the player can't execute that, then we're not going to have much success."

LM: Why is it so important to build the offense around what the quarterback does best?

LG: "He's the decision-maker on every single play. Whether it's the decision between, 'let's run plan A versus play B,' or adjusting the protection or going through a progression, he's got decisions to make on every single play that other people don't have that affect the game. This game is built around the ball. Turnovers are the No. 1 dictator of who wins the football game, so if he has the ball and he's the decision-maker, that's got to be the starting point."

LM: How would you describe the culture and philosophy you envision on offense?

LG: "Just the right type of people and creating a relationship-driven group of men, both coaching players, bringing that together, where we'll play for each other, we'll lay it on the line for each other, so that's the starting point of that culture. Philosophically, we're going to have that attacking mindset, we're going to be great situationally, we're going to take care of the football. Those are the things that we're going to build this thing around."

LM: Why is establishing relationships with players so important?

LG: "To me, it's about what you can do and how you can connect to the player and the player can connect to the coaches to create something special … like I said, we're going to build this around the quarterback, and then we're going to see what everybody else does best. But you don't know what anybody does best unless you can connect. So this offensive staff connecting with the player will be an important part of our beginning."

LM: What excites you most about the opportunity to be the Bears' offensive coordinator?

LG: "It's honestly this whole process of getting to be around new men, new ideas, and getting to create something for us, like to create our offense is what is most exciting. I truly don't believe it is about me. I truly don't believe [the offense] will be mine. That will never be spoken. I just don't believe that. And so, as I've gone through this interview process with a lot of different guys, the creativity and the teaching skills and the processes have been fascinating to me, so I can't wait to get to work with these guys every single day and hopefully build something special."