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Wednesday Weigh-In

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Fans weigh in on Khalil Mack's dominance 


As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know what they think of how OLB Khalil Mack has played so far. Here are some of the responses we received:

"Knowing he's going to draw double-teams (or more) and still going and making plays... but even more than that, how incredibly well he has meshed with the rest of the defense."
Oblong, IL

"You have a 325lb OL , 270lb TN and 230lb RB on MACK but he still gets to QB. Wow unbelievable Have not seen anyone dominate that much since Lawrence Taylor."

"The most impressive things to me are his desire to win, playing at full speed on every snap, and his locker room presence that has elevated the play of the rest of the defense."
Carterville, IL

"In 40 years I don't think I've ever seen a bear fill the entire defensive stat sheet like 52 did in the packer game."

"What impressed me most with Khalil Mack this season is his motor. His high energy is contagious. A super dominant player."

"His ability to utilize every tool in his toolbox, power, speed, forced fumbles, quarterback pressure, and consume double and triple teams. But most of all is how much he is a TEAM first football player."
Garden Grove, CA

"That monster just keeps coming and coming some more. What a treat to watch him dominate! Glad he's wearing Navy & Orange."
Fenton, MI

"Mr. Mack impresses me because he does not stop until that whistle blows the play dead. Look at the back end of plays and he will be there running to where the ball is, not standing still because the ball is too far away to make an impact."
Everett, WA

"The consistency of his sacks and turnovers. He also has really helped pressure the quarterback, so much so, that the quarterback makes more mistakes."

"How he's elevated the rest of the defense who was already good in my book."
Celina, OH

"Mack has been performing above expectations from day 1, stacking up incredibly stats. However, the most impressive thing he's done seems to be elevating the play of our defense as a whole. Everyone is clearly more motivated and it shows in their execution."

"The fact that his presence instantly makes everyone around him better. Opposing offenses are planning to stop Mack and are forgetting our defense was special before he came. You better prepare for a dominant Bears Defense and not just one guy."
Manitowoc, WI

"The impressive thing about Khalil Mack is his consistency in earning sacks and pressures without the aid of a scheme. Some pass rushers require a stunt or scheme to create a favorable match-up, and some pass rushers get clean-up sacks. Mack wins his match-ups through sheer strength and quickness, even when double-teamed. He is a pure game changer. Expect many more turnovers resulting from the Bears ability to generate pressure with only four rushers."

"He can be so consistently dominant. More athletic than I thought. Way stronger than I thought. He's like two players."

"How dominant he has been abusing the passer, creating turnovers, and even scoring all wothout receiving the dreaded roughing the passer calls that have plagued the rest of the league."
Lemont, IL

"While many defensive players have been flagged for illegal hits on the quarterback, Mack has managed to sack and tackle cleanly. That says something considering the new rules."
Davis, Ca

"He has set a tone on D that everyone else is mirroring. The understanding of assignments and reaction speed is very evident."
Greenville, SC

"He looks relentless in pursuit of the QB or the ball. Taking on double and triple teams and still getting in and disrupting plays. He's a beast!"
Lake Havasu City, AZ

"His consistency... It appears that he is always making plays every down! NEVER takes down off!"
Jimmer B
Naples, Florida

"The constant pressure he makes each play. Taking double teams off Hicks and Goldman. Huge uptick in turnovers already with the greatly improved pass rush!"

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