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Fast Facts: Bears OC Shane Waldron


New Bears offensive coordinator Shane Waldron sits down with to answer some rapid-fire questions, including who his favorite athlete was growing up, what he's excited to see in Chicago and more.

Have you been to Chicago before?

The closest was when I grad assisted at Notre Dame, so I lived in South Bend and we'd make our way up to Chicago a decent amount there.

What's your first impression of Chicago?

Passionate fan base, great city, big city so I'm excited about it.

What are you most excited to see in the city?

I do remember summertime around the lake. Just a great atmosphere and being able to bring my family down there and hangout.

Are you a deep dish pizza fan?

I am. I haven't tried anywhere yet. I've been kind of hotel to office and back so far, but I'm excited for all the recommendations.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I want to lead by example through hard work and then also that horizontal approach where we're all in this together and getting everyone going in the same direction. When tough choices have to be made, I'll be ready to make them, but how closely can we all be aligned and all work toward the same goal together.

Toughest player you've ever had to game plan against?

Being on the other side going against Aaron Donald.

Players typically have pregame rituals or superstitions. Do you have any pregame rituals as a coach or pregame playlists?

I kind of mix it up. My musical taste is kind of all over the map, so just depends on the week for what I go with there. I go from country to hip hop and everything in between. Not superstitious, but I may have a couple hidden things that might show up on the call sheet every week that I stick with — that's as close to a superstition that I have.

Favorite athlete growing up?

Clyde Drexler. I know this will be the Bulls and the Blazers rivalry but I grew up in Portland, so huge Blazers fan. I know the Bulls got them in the finals, but I was a big fan growing up.

What's a random fact about you fans wouldn't already know?

I've split time between both coasts so we have a place by my wife's family in Massachusetts and that's really our sanctuary out there.

Favorite NFL stadium to play in?

I did play an away game in Champaign, Illinois, when the Bears were redoing their facility. I can't remember exactly what year that was, but that was a different experience. I think for me, playing against Chicago, we played a cold weather night game here when I was in L.A. It was a tough place to play, tough road environment to go into and play against. I think all the stadiums are unique. Seattle was as loud as it gets, with the hecklers and the home field advantage there, so that was great to be part of from the home team for the last couple years. Fast forward now to Chicago where you got the rabid fan base and the cold weather other teams have to deal with and some of those elements as the season goes. It'll be fun.