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Fast Facts: Kevin Warren

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New Bears President and CEO Kevin Warren sits down with to answer some rapid-fire questions, including his favorite thing about Chicago, his favorite movie and more.

What's your favorite Chicago memory?

Coming to the first Chicago Bears game with Chris [Zorich]. To think you have a client now in the NFL as a new sports agent and to watch your client play and to play on the Chicago Bears, that's my most favorite Chicago memory.

Was that your first Bears game?

That was my first Chicago Bears game.

What was your most recent one?

Most recent one was going to the Bears-Eagles game (on Dec. 18).

What about that was special?

The fans. They were passionate.

Favorite Chicago food place?

That's a great one. I love food but I'll tell you what, just recently I ate at Old Pueblo Cantina just a couple nights ago. We love Mexican food being from Arizona, I think it's from Tucson, Arizona. It was knockout.

Do you have a favorite Chicago pizza place?

I try to keep my carbs down, I love pizza though.

So you're into the Chicago style pizza?


Is it better than any type of pizza?


Do you have a favorite Chicago musician?

I'd say Chance the Rapper.

Favorite song by Chance?

No Problem.

Sears Tower or the Willis Tower?

I call it the Sears Tower.

Do you like a hot dog with or without ketchup?

Chicago dogs I absolutely love, and I like them with a little bit of ketchup. A lot of onions, a lot of peppers, tomatoes. I love Chicago dogs, but I used to eat them with a lot of ketchup, now just a little bit.

Favorite thing about the city of Chicago?

The lake.

Do you go out by the lake?

Yeah, I live by the lake, downtown.

Any boating on the lake?

No, I just like the view.

Favorite movie right now?

Just last week my wife and I sat down and watched The Godfather. I'd had seen it, but another one I like – see, I'm behind – is the Steve Jobs one.

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