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Fields looking to improve in all aspects of game

Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Bears quarterback Justin Fields

Quarterback Justin Fields spent the Bears' mini bye resting, both mentally and physically, while watching film and finding areas to improve upon heading into Monday night's matchup with the Patriots.

While Fields was frustrated following last Thursday night's loss to the Commanders, his emotions weren't different from any other loss.

"I have the same frustration after every loss," Fields said. "I don't like losing. I've told you guys that multiple times. It's just seeing where you can get better, seeing where you can improve, watching the film – of course it's going to hurt. Just seeing where you can get better at, seeing what I can do better as a quarterback and just trying to get better each and every day."

While Eberflus wants to keep seeing advancements in the quarterback's fundamentals like footwork and timing in the passing game, he took away some positive improvements from the Washington game.

The offense's final two plays of the game featured passes from Fields that set the team up for a go-ahead score. On third-and-goal, Fields threw to receiver Dante Pettis in the end zone, but what looked like a missed pass interference call resulted in an incompletion. Then on fourth-and-goal, Fields threw what looked to be a completed pass to Darnell Mooney at the goal line, but the receiver bobbled the ball before securing the catch inches short of the goal line.

"I think he's doing a better job and he's getting better," coach Matt Eberflus said. "The one thing that impressed me last week, like I said after the game, was his ability to get us down in scoring position. That was some remarkable plays there. And actually, at the end, he did throw a couple of good passes to put us in position to win that game. So that to me was the most impressive thing about him, and he's getting better each week."

The Bears hit the Halas Hall practice fields Thursday afternoon for their first practice of the week ahead of Monday night's road game against the Patriots.

Fields, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, believes he hasn't reached his "full potential in any aspect of the game, of quarterback play." When giving a self-assessment, Fields said there's room for improvement in every part of his game right now.

One area of emphasis that he took away from last Thursday's game is keeping his internal clock consistent. Fields was pressured 18 times against Washington, but there were some plays where the pocket was clean, giving him more time to go through his reads and make a decision. But later in the game, Fields said he felt that internal clock sped up "just because of maybe the past pockets that I would get in the game."

"That was actually one thing that me, Luke [Getsy] and Andrew [Janocko] talked about … I just told them if they feel like I'm getting antsy and maybe leaving the pocket too early when it's there, just remind me to reset—like reset after every play," Fields said. "Because there are going be times when I do have time and I can sit in there, but that's definitely a big thing, just making sure that just because they got back here fast the last play or two, three plays ago, doesn't mean they are going to get back fast. So just playing every play. Every play is going to be different."

According to ESPN, Fields has faced pressured on 46 percent of his dropbacks through six games. While guard Lucas Patrick will only speak for himself on performance, he said it hasn't met his personal standards.

However, Patrick said the offensiveline must "be better for [Fields], because he deserves it."

"All I know is up front, we have to do the best we can do and keep him clean because as we've seen multiple times, we keep him clean or we give him a rush lane to sneak out," Patrick said. "We need to live up to the standard that we have in our room and really help him become the elite player that he is. You can't change my mind that that guy's not a future stud in this league, like, the way he throws it, the way he's consistent, the way he runs, just his positive personality, and like, he's a great dude to have in the locker room and doesn't really get down amongst us."