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Hicks joins Baldinger to break down game tape


Bears Pro Bowl defensive tackle Akiem Hicks is featured in an entertaining and informative film session with former offensive lineman and current analyst Brian Baldinger on NFL Game Pass.

Taped during Super Bowl week in Atlanta, Baldinger breaks down what makes Hicks such a dominant defender against both the run and pass. The 6-5, 332-pounder has excelled in three seasons with the Bears, recording 163 tackles, 23 sacks, five forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries and 38 tackles-for-loss.

During a live demonstration, Hicks lines up across from Baldinger, who played 11 NFL seasons with the Cowboys (1982-87), Colts (1988-90) and Eagles (1992-93).

"It's a hand game and it's a power game," Hicks tells Baldinger in the video. "There are so many things you can do if you have proper hand placement and strength behind it."

Baldinger shows a play from last year's season opener in which Hicks overpowers a Packers guard by grabbing his wrist and pushing his arm back up in the air. The move led to Hicks producing a strip/sack of Aaron Rodgers.

"Of all the pass rush I saw you do this year, this was my favorite rush of yours," Baldinger says to Hicks. "Back when I was playing, the worst thing was guys that grabbed my wrist. When they got my wrist, I could not reset. I couldn't get my hands back inside. I lost all of my center gravity.

"What you do right here, I feel like it's almost a lost art until I see guys like you do it."

Baldinger and Hicks both enjoyed the film session. Appearing on "The Mully and Haugh Show" on WSCR-AM 670 Friday, Baldinger revealed that Hicks provided a jolt of energy after the film crew had spent 8-9 hours in the same room taping segments with other NFL players. 

"He lit the whole place up," Baldinger said. "He was just into it. He was into talking about football, he was into being a Chicago Bear, he was into his position, he was just into the whole thing. We could have sat there for hours.

"There are just not many defensive tackles that are that size. He's massive and he's strong. You see the whole thing come together when you watch him play. He's just a really gregarious, outgoing fun guy to be around."

Hicks relished the opportunity to talk football with Baldinger.

"It was really enjoyable," Hicks said. "He does a really good job with that type of stuff. [It involved] breaking down the type of player I am. Also breaking down how I see the game differently at this point in my career and really just some fun football shop talk."