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Kevin Warren presented with pair of awards over Super Bowl weekend 


Bears President & CEO Kevin Warren looks forward to attending the Super Bowl on an annual basis to embrace the event's energizing atmosphere and participate in a variety of productive business meetings.

"I get excited about going to the Super Bowl every year," Warren said. "I am fortunate to have a Super Bowl trophy when I was at the Rams; we beat the Titans in January of 2000. It is always a special event, but it is good for me because it allows me to be reminded of how special the NFL is and how every year brings a new opportunity for a new team to work hard and be crowned as the Super Bowl champion."

The weekend also held personal meaning for Warren. He was honored at the 'A Toast To Black Sports' luncheon on Feb. 8 and received the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Award on Feb. 10.

Warren was awarded the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Award at Leigh Steinberg's 37th annual Super Bowl party. Steinberg is a longtime sports agent and philanthropist. The award recognizes individuals in and around the NFL who are dedicated to addressing community issues.

While working for the Vikings, Warren and his wife, Greta, created a fund to support pediatric cancer at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. They also established a partnership with Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago earlier this year.

Warren initiated these efforts in memory of his late sister, Carolyn Warren-Knox, who passed away due to brain cancer on Oct. 2, 2014. The initiatives aim to provide support to families grappling with the challenges of cancer, reflecting the compassion and understanding that Warren and his family once sought during their difficult journey.

"I am excited about the new partnership we have with Lurie Children's Hospital to help those young kids and their families who are struggling with dealing with a diagnosis of cancer just to help them get healthy and as quickly as possible," Warren said.

Warren's relationship with Steinberg dates back to their time at Notre Dame from when Steinberg came and spoke to Warren's law school class in the 1980s.

"He [Steinberg] is one of the reasons that caused me to become a sports agent a couple of years after graduation," Warren said. "He has given so much back to the community and focuses on brain health and education and represented some incredible clients, so it was an honor to receive such a great award from Leigh. I have always respected him and everything he has done for the NFL."

Leigh Steinberg and Kevin Warren
Leigh Steinberg and Kevin Warren

Warren also continues to make a lasting impact at Notre Dame. He established a scholarship at Notre Dame Law School where he helps provide educational opportunities to students that come from challenging backgrounds.

Warren's commitment to diversity and inclusion within the sports industry was further highlighted at the second annual 'A Toast To Black Sports' luncheon that was founded by Shaina Wiel of Minorities In Sports Business and Jaia Thomas of Diverse Representation. He was also recognized as one of two Black presidents in the NFL along with Washington Commanders' Jason Wright.

Jason Wright and Kevin Warren (photo courtesy of Brittany Dacoff/Blacklight Imagining)
Jason Wright and Kevin Warren (photo courtesy of Brittany Dacoff/Blacklight Imagining)

The event, which serves as a platform for recognizing excellence and promoting diversity, aligns with the mission of Minorities in Sports Business. The organization strives to be the primary source for connecting and exchanging resources among diverse businessmen and businesswomen in the sports industry.

For Warren, participation in such events is an opportunity to continue promoting diversity and inclusion within the sports industry and at the Bears.

"There is more room for growth and improvement," Warren said. "I am focusing on using all of my skills and talents to make the Chicago Bears the strongest, the most diverse and the most successful on- and off-the-field franchise in the National Football League."

Fueled by receiving both the Minorities in Sports Business Recognition and the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Award, Warren is more determined than ever to leave an indelible mark on the sports industry.

"I am focused on building a world-class franchise that is based upon hard work, integrity, professionalism, style, grace and class, to win as many Super Bowls as we possibly can and to build the best stadium in all of sports, so those are kind of my three main goals right now," Warren said. "I am enjoying myself; I do not even call it work. I love coming together every day, and it is a big challenge ahead, but I have enjoyed every single moment of my time with the Chicago Bears."