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Nagy sees bad weather as good thing for Bears


In his first training camp practice as an NFL head coach, Matt Nagy didn't let bad weather rain on his parade.

"Had some wet footballs and some dropped passes and balls on the ground, but that's all right," Nagy said after the Bears worked out in steady and at times heavy showers Friday in Bourbonnais. "It's a little adversity and it's good for the guys, it's good for us.

"It's just part of what we wanted to do. We weren't going inside. We were coming outside unless that [lightning] horn went off. So it was a good day. The guys fought through it and hopefully we get some better weather tomorrow."

It's important to Nagy for the Bears to practice in different elements that they may experience during games in Chicago and on the road.

"You don't want to have that mentally where you just always try to have perfect weather," he said. "That's not realistic. Whether it's the wind—which can be just as bad as the rain—rain, snow, I mean we're in Chicago, so that's something we need to take into account. And we're going to be playing in other bad weather areas, so it comes and goes.

"In the summertime, you'd like to have your first practice and have the sun, but it didn't happen and that's OK."

No butterflies: Nagy told reporters that he wasn't nervous about running his first training camp practice as an NFL head coach.

"There were no butterflies," he said. "I was able to sleep. I was actually ready to go early.

"The thing that strikes me from when I first got here until now is this team that we have are such a good group of guys. They don't complain. They come out there, we did our conditioning test this morning and everyone just did a great job. They had fun with it. They're just eager to get better.

"Myself, as a coach, I'll take everything that I've learned and put my own spin on it as we go. I learned there's going to be some things that within practice, the schedule, that I mess up and that I'll fix. No butterflies, but for me just really eager to get out here and really get this thing going. I told the team last night, the word that came to mind was growth. And we're growing right now as a team. We just want to continue to have the arrow going up."

Definitely a dude: Veteran guard Kyle Long has enjoyed working with Nagy, a former Arena Football League quarterback who spent the past 10 seasons coaching on Andy Reid's staffs with the Eagles (2008-12) and Chiefs (2013-17).

"He's a guy that's played the game, he's coached in a number of places with a lot of different guys and under great coaching staffs and we're lucky to have Nagy," Long said. "He's a guy that understands football on both sides, upstairs, downstairs. He's a dude, he's definitely a dude and we love having him. He can put things into terms that we can understand and relate to."

Grown man: Like others who've interacted with Mitchell Trubisky, Long sees major changes in the promising 23-year-old quarterback from his rookie season to this year.

"He's a grown man now," Long said. "He's got some facial hair and he's got some bass in his voice. And he has really taken ownership of this locker room. It's not something that's forced. It's organic, and guys believe in him. We're lucky to have him."

The Bears took the field for the first time during training camp on a rainy Friday at Olivet Nazarene University.