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Front Office

Board of Directors

Ownership and Executives

  • George H. McCaskey Chairman
  • Kevin Warren President and CEO
  • Ted Phillips Senior Advisor
  • Scott Hagel SVP, Marketing and Communications
  • Karen Murphy SVP, Business Strategy and Chief Financial Officer
  • Cliff Stein SVP and General Counsel
  • Lee Twarling SVP, Sales and Customer Relations
  • Tanesha Wade SVP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Brian J. McCaskey Vice President
  • Patrick McCaskey Vice President
  • Brit Bending Executive Assistant
  • Colleen Collins Josellis Executive Assistant to the GM
  • Mai Davis Executive Assistant
  • Katie Nagle Executive Assistant
  • Autumn Swindell Executive Assistant
  • Jennifer Wilgosiewicz Executive Assistant

Football Operations

Player Personnel

  • Ian Cunningham Assistant General Manager
  • Jeff King Co-Director of Player Personnel
  • Trey Koziol Co-Director of Player Personnel
  • Ashton Washington Player Personnel Coordinator
  • Keith Earle Jr. Scouting Assistant
  • Jake Ponikvar Scouting Assistant
  • Ryan Weese Scouting Assistant

College Scouts

  • Breck Ackley Assistant Director of College Scouting
  • Francis Saint Paul Sr. National Scout
  • Sam Summerville Sr. National Scout
  • Jeff Shiver Executive Scout
  • Tom Bradway Northeast Area Scout
  • Ryan Cavanaugh Midwest Area Scout
  • Reese Hicks West Coast Area Scout
  • Brendan Rehor Southeast Area Scout
  • John Syty Southwest Area Scout
  • Drew Raucina Combine Scout

Pro Scouts

  • Chris White Assistant Director of Pro Scouting
  • Charles Love Pro Scout

Football Operations Staff

  • Harrison Freid Director of Research and Analysis
  • Mike Wiley Jr. Director of Mental Skills and Performance
  • Erika Marmolejo Player Engagement Coordinator

Football Administration

  • Matt Feinstein Director of Football Administration
  • James Cosh Manager of Football Administration/Pro Scout

Football Technology

  • Mike Santarelli Executive Director of Football Technology
  • Kofi Amponsah Football Support Analyst
  • Michael Carens Video Assistant
  • Krithi Chandrakasan Director of Football Analytics
  • Jack Dowling Video Assistant
  • Darby Dunnagan Director of Video Operations
  • Dave Hendrickson Director of Video Services
  • Ryan Hubley Football Systems Developer
  • Dan Tuohy Director of Video Technology

High Performance

  • Brent Salazar Clyde Emrich Director of High Performance
  • Blair Hitchcock Director of Sports Nutrition
  • AJ Lamb Sports Scientist

Athletic Training

  • Andre Tucker Head Athletic Trainer
  • Tristen Asken Director of Rehabilitation Services
  • Carla Suber Director of Wellness
  • Sye Nobles Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Tim Ridner Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Jeremy Smith Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
  • Mariellen Veach Assistant Athletic Trainer


  • Tony Medlin Head Equipment Manager
  • Tyler Glende Assistant Director of Equipment
  • Gary Faulcon Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Darryl Magee Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Thomas Woody Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Cameron Reed Equipment/Administrative Assistant

Business Operations


  • Jake Jones Vice President of Finance and Accounting
  • Whitney DeBuck Director of Financial Operations
  • Kristell Castro Manager of Accounting
  • James McCaskey Manager of Financial Reporting
  • Elycia Delgado Staff Accountant
  • Nabil Patel Staff Accountant
  • Louise Maki Payroll Administrator
  • Jenilee Stroud Payroll Administrator - Staff

Human Resources

  • Liz Geist Vice President of Human Resources
  • Kristin Rogers Manager of Employee Experience
  • Sue Dinardi Human Resources Coordinator
  • Ana Rodriguez Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Mallorie Sanders Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Gwen Federman Paralegal
  • Elaena Harris Associate Counsel

Information Technology

  • Justin Stahl Vice President of Information Technology
  • Josh Naylor Director of IT Operations
  • Bryan Greenaway Senior Applications Engineer
  • Brent Johnson IT Security Architect
  • Terrance Brown IT Support and Operations Analyst
  • Allen Silva IT Network and Operations Analyst
  • Kendall Taylor IT Support and Operations Analyst

Business Strategy and Analytics

  • Corey Ruff Vice President of Business Strategy and Analytics
  • Melissa McDermott Business Strategist
  • Karthik Sukumar Manager of Advanced Analytics
  • Joey Bloom Data and CRM Engineer
  • Matt Leitzke Business Insights Analyst
  • Justin Nath Business Analyst, Marketing

Business Development

  • Dan Yuska Operations and Historical Affairs


  • Paul Neurauter Vice President of Operations
  • John Bostrom Senior Advisor of Operations and Safety

Building Operations

  • Geoff Bunzol Director of Team Building and Operations
  • Lenny Smid Manager of Building Operations
  • Zack Bero Manager of Building Services
  • Halee Altenburg Office Coordinator
  • Mike Mangoni Building Engineer
  • Stacie Nelson Procurement Specialist
  • Robert Orawiec Shipping and Receiving Coordinator
  • Eric Rebman Building Engineer​
  • Liz Wallace Receptionist


  • Ken Mrock Head Groundskeeper
  • Benjamin Baumer Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Isaac Farley Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Paul Hitselberger Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Adam Holtz Assistant Groundskeeper

Stadium and Event Operations

  • Bryan Pett Director of Stadium and Event Operations
  • Bob Laskowski Manager of Stadium Operations
  • Steven Goodwin Stadium Operations Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Peters Manager of Events and Hospitality
  • Meghan Clancy Events Coordinator
  • Alex Murillo Events Coordinator
  • Lorena Soria Events Coordinator

Team Logistics

  • Kyle Kelly Director of Operations - Logistics
  • Jay Nickell Team Logistics Coordinator
  • Beth Hodgin Operations Assistant - Logistics


  • John Tarpey Vice President of Security
  • Joseph Giunta Security
  • Rodney Karlstrand Security
  • Tony McInerney Security
  • Pete Spizzirri Security

Marketing and Communications

Content and Innovation

  • Lorne Chan Vice President of Content and Innovation

Content and Production

  • Dan Barile Director of Content and Production
  • Kevin Foy Cinematographer and Engineer
  • Jordan Tredup Manager of Content and Production
  • Katie Teuber Coordinating Producer
  • Chris Yankton Coordinating Producer
  • Will Bridgforth Content Producer
  • Bri Harvey Content Producer
  • Veronica Malesinski Content Producer
  • Lauren Screeden Reporter
  • Jacob Funk Photographer

Digital Media

  • Pooja Van Dyke Director of Digital Media
  • Molly Brown Digital Product Coordinator
  • Austin Huette Web Designer
  • Larry Mayer Senior Web Writer/Editor
  • Kevin Meyers Digital Copy Editor

Social Media

  • Nicole Zimmer Director of Social Media
  • Timothy Daye Manager of Social Media Content Creation
  • Megan Greseth Manager of Social Media Brand Integration
  • Ricardo Odum Social Media Graphic Designer
  • Monterey Pepper Social Media Engagement Specialist

Radio Broadcast

  • Jeff Joniak Play-by-Play
  • Tom Thayer Analyst

Fan and Brand Development

  • Fernando Arriola Vice President of Fan and Brand Development


  • Laura Condella Director of Brand Marketing Insights and Strategy
  • Howard Little Manager of Brand and Influencer Marketing
  • Elaine Delos Reyes Project Management Lead
  • Joann Kowalski Project Management
  • Kelsey Meisenzahl Marketing Coordinator
  • Natallia Jerzyk Digital Marketing Specialist

Brand Creative

  • John Conroy Director of Brand Creative
  • Matt Dunlap Manager of Brand Creative
  • Rommel Paraiso Manager of Motion Graphics Design and Production
  • Michael Vasquez Lead Motion Graphics Animator
  • Jake Sadowski Motion Graphics Animator
  • Kelley Jacobsen Graphic Designer
  • Mat Stewart Graphic Designer
  • Ghada Yousef Graphic Designer

Events and Game Presentation

  • Katlin Strange Director of Events and Game Presentation
  • Bobby Hack Manager of Talent and Game Presentation
  • Keisha Lee Events Coordinator
  • Staley Da Bear Mascot
  • Scott Adams Mascot Coordinator


  • Brandon Faber Vice President of Communications

Bears Care

  • Marge Hamm Director of Bears Care
  • Haley Zimmerman Bears Care Coordinator

Community and Alumni Relations

  • Matt Simeone Director of Community and Alumni Relations
  • Kate Rackow Manager of Community Outreach and Alumni Relations
  • Gustavo Silva Manager of Youth Football and Community Programs
  • Jessica Noonan Community Outreach and Alumni Relations Specialist
  • Timothy Mack Youth Football Clinic Administrator

Corporate Communications

  • Micaeh Johnson Director of Corporate Communications
  • Miguel Lemus Corporate Communications Assistant

Football Communications

  • Aaron Clark Director of Football Communications
  • Ben Schmitz Football Communications Coordinator
  • Ali Sayers Football Communications Assistant

Sales and Customer Relations


Ticket Sales and Service

  • Brendan Pierce Director of Premium Seat Sales and Customer Service
  • Amy Loch Manager of Premium Seat Sales and Service
  • Allison Brauer Premium Seat Sales and Service Coordinator
  • Dillon Knight Premium Seat Sales and Service Coordinator
  • Michelle Burke-McCaskey Manager of Customer Service
  • Alissa Caulfield Customer Service Coordinator
  • Kyra Cosh Customer Service Coordinator
  • David Cummings Customer Service Coordinator
  • Krista Fortman Customer Service Coordinator
  • Jessica Glomstad Customer Service Coordinator
  • Kareema Hill Customer Service Coordinator
  • Olando Watt Customer Service Coordinator
  • Christine Collins Ticket Sales and Service Assistant

Ticket Operations

  • Brian Forth Director of Ticket Operations
  • John Hilbrich Manager of Ticket Operations
  • Marquis White Ticket Operations Coordinator

Corporate Partnerships and Suite Sales/Service

  • Doug Carnahan Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnership

  • Dave McClamroch Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Megan Malone Manager of Corporate Partnerships
  • Laron Davis Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Dave Eck Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Brittney Thomas Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Christine Christopoulos Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
  • Gracie Glickman Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

Partnership Activation

  • Maggie Geraldi Director of Partnership Activation
  • Rachel Chessky Manager of Partnership Activation and Solutions
  • Mallory Glazier Manager of Partnership Activation and Development
  • Ana Lisa Bassewitz Partnership Activation Specialist
  • Taylor Brzezinski Partnership Activation Specialist
  • Dom Hillesheim Partnership Activation Specialist
  • Danica Lopez Partnership Activation Assistant
  • Josh Walls Partnership Activation Specialist

Suite Sales and Service

  • Nathan DiLorenzo Director of Suite Sales and Service
  • Allison Knecht Manager of Suite Service
  • Rachel Frank Suite Sales Manager
  • Logan Oppegard Suite Sales Manager
  • Rebecca Reid Suite Sales Manager
  • Crimson Duckett Suite Service Coordinator
  • Ana Scarlati Suite Service Coordinator