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5 things you may not know about Eddie Jackson


Eddie Jackson has been a defensive standout since arriving in Chicago in 2017. Here are five things you may not know about the All-Pro safety:

(1) He inherited his name (and nickname) from his father and grandfather.

The Jacksons have lived in Deerfield Beach, Florida, for several generations. Jackson carries the same name as his father and grandfather: Eddie (not Edward) Jackson. Eddie Jackson Jr. works in construction and Jackson's mother, Angelia, works as a medical assistant.

Jackson's father went by the nickname Bo, and his grandfather went by the nickname Jack. As the third member of the family with the same name, Jackson took on both names: BoJack. This became confusing for Jackson when Netflix began airing the show "BoJack Horseman," leading some to incorrectly believe the two nicknames were related.

"Everyone was tagging me," said Jackson, "I was like, 'who is this?'"

(2) His brother, Demar Dorsey, was a top high school recruit.

Dorsey was one of the top-rated safeties in the class of 2010 and committed to play at the University of Michigan. Grades and personal issues kept him from ever playing Division 1 football, an experience that shaped Jackson. Dorsey has been vocally supportive of his little brother and was present at Soldier Field when Jackson scored two defensive touchdowns against the Panthers as a rookie.

(3) He really, really wanted to play at the University of Texas.

Jackson was in middle school when Vince Young led the Longhorns over USC to win the National Championship in 2005. Despite the distance, Jackson became a diehard Texas fan, even rooting for them over his eventual alma mater, Alabama, in the 2010 National Championship Game, which Alabama won after Texas quarterback Colt McCoy was forced to leave the game in the first quarter.

"I was mad," said Jackson. "I was dog-cursing Colt McCoy for getting hurt."

When his older brother started hearing from college coaches, Jackson learned that he was unlikely to ever get the chance to play for Texas. At the time, the Longhorns scouted and recruited almost exclusively in the state of Texas. In the decade before Jackson graduated from high school, Texas averaged only one out of state football commit a year, and some of those players already had family ties to the program.

After this realization, Jackson kept his fandom closer to home.

(4) He was committed to Florida State for a brief moment.

After he stopped following Texas, the Florida State Seminoles became Jackson's favorite team. When the Seminoles offered Jackson a scholarship in December of 2012, he committed almost immediately before his father urged him to take more time with his decision.

"He was just like, 'man, you gotta wait and think about it,'" said Jackson.

A late January visit to Tuscaloosa brought Jackson into the fold at Alabama.

(5) After being drafted by the Bears, he considered getting an Al Capone tattoo.

Jackson is fascinated by mob movies and calls "Blow," a 2001 film starring Johnny Depp, his favorite movie of all time. After moving to Chicago, he considered getting a tattoo of the city's most famous gangster.

"Cartel, mob, it's sad to say," said Jackson, "but I love those type of movies. I've probably seen every one of those Al Capone stories. I already liked Al Capone, then I ended up in Chicago."

Jackson ended up deciding against any bootlegger-themed tattoo. He is no longer considering it, but wouldn't rule it out in the distant future.

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