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Bears are NFL's top team in Aikman Ratings


According to the Aikman Efficiency Ratings, which rank NFL offenses and defenses based on several different categories and not just total yards, the Bears finished the regular season as the best team in the league.

The Bears offense (85.5) and defense (81.2) combined to score 166.7 points, tops in the NFL. The Saints (163.5) were second, followed by the Rams (161.6), Seahawks (161.5), Chargers (161.2) and Colts (161.1).

The Bears also ranked first on defense, followed by the Vikings (74.6), Titans (73.8), Chargers (71.6), Ravens (71.5) and Jaguars (71.0).

Offensively, the Bears ranked 13th. The Chiefs (100.2) finished first on offense, followed by the Saints (95.9), Rams (94.7), Colts (90.8) and Seahawks (90.7).

The Aikman Efficiency Ratings measure offensive and defensive performance using a combination of seven key statistics identified by Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, and then measured against league norms. An offense or defense performing exactly at league norms in all categories will earn a score of 75.

Based on total yards alone, the Bears ranked 21st on offense (11th rushing and 21st passing) and 3rd on defense (1st against the run and 7th versus the pass).