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After Further Review

Bears focus on Broncos, improving on details

Bears coach Matt Eberflus
Bears coach Matt Eberflus

One day after a loss to the Chiefs dropped their record to 0-3, the Bears on Monday turned their attention to Sunday's home game against the Broncos.

"Really our focus with the guys in the team meeting is really micro-ing it down to the individual: how can we focus and get the details right at each position," said coach Matt Eberflus. "That's what execution is. That's what executing at a high level is. That's what good teams do. They have focus every single play at every position, doing their job with speed and being physical. That's what it takes to win in this league, down-in and down-out."

Eberflus delivered that message to players Monday at Halas Hall.

"I just challenged the guys this morning in the team room that every guy's got to improve on their details," he said. "The coaches are going to work with those guys in terms of the fundamentals at each position; get a couple things for the run, a couple things for the pass, a couple things on coverage, whatever unit you're on, and we're going to do our drills, our walk-throughs, our practices.

"Everything's going to be based on those things to help that particular unit, help that particular guy out to improve on those details. That's the plan we have this week. We have a great opportunity ahead of us this week and this week alone. Our focus is all on Denver. Our focus is on getting this thing right and executing at a high pace."

Eberflus and his coaching staff have always emphasized details with players, but he conceded that the team must improve in that area. 

"We've just got to wire in the details and keep doing it better," Eberflus said. "I told the guys, 'If you just keep doing that, good things are going to happen.' Look at your position group. If you guys say that, 'Hey, we had the best game of the year' at your position group this week, OK, you're going to like the outcome. 

"You've got to micro it down like that. What that does is that focuses on improvement, individual improvement and then position group improvement. And then that goes to unit execution, and that's what we're doing so the guys can have specific things to focus on during this time of adversity—because we're going through adversity right now. 

"I said, 'All these guys in the room are tough-minded people, tough people and that's why you're sitting in the room.' We built these relationships together during this offseason just for this. No one said it was going to be easy, right? No one said that. And this is a difficult time, right? So how do we get through that? By leaning on each other, right? And then focusing on the improvement of the individual man and the position groups, and that's how you get better execution."

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