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Chalk talk: What's furthest Pace traded up?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

I know that Bears general manager Ryan Pace has traded up several times in the draft and was wondering if the deal for David Montgomery was the furthest Pace has ever moved up for a pick.
John G.
Roselle, Illinois

The Bears moved up 14 spots in the third round of the draft Friday night to pick Iowa State running back David Montgomery at No. 73. It was the sixth time that general manager Ryan Pace has traded up in his five drafts with the Bears, and to answer your question, it was the second furthest he has moved up, topped only by last year's trade to pick receiver Anthony Miller. In that deal, the Bears dealt picks in the fourth round last year (No. 105) and second round this year to the Patriots in exchange for the No. 51 selection in the second round that they spent on Miller.

Was the No. 73 pick the Bears used to choose David Montgomery the latest they've ever waited to make their first selection in a draft?
Ryan M.
Oak Forest, Illinois

No. the No. 73 pick is the third longest the Bears have waited to make their first selection in a draft. Their first choice was No. 75 in 2010 when they picked safety Major Wright out of Florida after trading their first-round selection to the Broncos in the Jay Cutler deal and their second-round choice to the Buccaneers for defensive end Gaines Adams. Their first pick was No. 74 in 1978 when they selected defensive tackle Brad Shearer after trading their first-round choice to the Browns in exchange for quarterback Mike Phipps and their second-round pick to the 49ers for defensive end Tommy Hart.

It seems like the Bears have made multiple trades with the Patriots in recent years. What accounts for that; is there a connection between the teams we don't know about?
Russ K.

Ryan Pace has made five trades with the Patriots since becoming Bears general manager in 2015. He sent guard Ryan Groy to New England in exchange for linebacker Matthew Wells in 2015, linebacker Jonathan Bostic in 2015 for a 2016 sixth-round pick, and tight end Martellus Bennett and a sixth-round selection for a fourth-round choice in 2016. Pace then traded up with New England to pick receiver Anthony Miller last year and running back David Montgomery this year. Asked Friday night after the Montgomery trade about his penchant for making deals with the Patriots, Pace said: "They're great to work with. [Director of player personnel] Nick Caserio and coach [Bill] Belichick, and in our draft room, [director of football administration] Joey Laine does a really good job of working with me to ensure that we can make that happen."

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