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Chalk Talk: When will Jenkins be ready to play?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

I was happy to see Bears rookie tackle Teven Jenkins return to practice. When do you think he'll be ready to play in a game, and could that possibly happen as early as this Sunday against the Ravens?
Peter A.
Elgin, Illinois

It doesn't appear that rookie Teven Jenkins will be ready to play in a game immediately, not after returning to practice Monday for the first time since offseason workouts. The second-round pick was sidelined with a back injury that required surgery Aug. 18. As a senior at Oklahoma State last year, Jenkins played in the first seven games before opting out for the remainder of the season. So, that means that he'll practice in pads this week for the first time in a calendar year. Asked Monday whether Jenkins would need a couple of weeks before being ready to play in a game, veteran offensive line coach Juan Castillo said: "Yeah, at least. When you think about it, he hasn't done anything. We're just going to take him slowly, a little bit at a time, until he gets comfortable, and then we'll see in practice." The Bears have until Dec. 6 to activate Jenkins from injured reserve.

Who do you think was the Bears' MVP of the first half of the season?
Will L.
Streamwood, Illinois

I think that outside linebacker Khalil Mack and running back David Montgomery were both trending in that direction before both missed multiple games due to injuries. So, my Bears MVP during the first half of the season would be outside linebacker Robert Quinn. Despite missing one game due to being on the COVID-19 list, he has performed exceptionally well against not only the pass but the run. Quinn leads the Bears with 6.5 sacks and seven tackles-for-loss, tops outside linebackers with 26 tackles and forced a key fumble that Mack recovered Oct. 3 in a win over the Lions.

I was disgusted with all of the bad calls that went against the Bears in their loss to the Steelers. Can they and did they make a formal complaint to the NFL about the poor officiating in that game?
Frank G.
Rochester, New York

All NFL teams are permitted to turn in questionable plays to the league office after every game, and coach Matt Nagy revealed that he spoke to the NFL about multiple controversial calls by referee Tony Corrente and his crew that went against the Bears in last Monday night's loss to the Steelers. Nagy declined to discuss the response he received from the league, saying only: "I did have a lengthy conversation with them, and I appreciate that. That's a process that does happen where we submit our questions to them to get answers back as to every week what goes on. And for me, I thought it was good to be able to talk to them and just listen to where they're at." NFL insiders Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport both reported that the league's officiating department privately acknowledged that officials erred on at least three calls and non-calls that went against the Bears. But the NFL did not make any public statements admitting mistakes were made and, like I said, Nagy didn't discuss any feedback he received from the league.

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