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Chalk Talk: Will Bears shut down Fields?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

With Justin Fields still bothered by an ankle injury, do you think the Bears will shut him down for the final two weeks of the season?
William H.
Hammond, Indiana

There are no plans to shut rookie quarterback Justin Fields down for the rest of the season. When Matt Nagy was asked Monday about that possibility, the Bears coach said: "I don't see that happening. We're going to continue to monitor him and see where he's at today and tomorrow and the rest of the week, but I don't see that being the case at all." Nagy went on to say that Fields is continuing to grow and is a competitor who wants to play and be out on the field for his teammates. But the Bears coach also conceded that the team will be smart about the decision, saying: "We're not going to put him at risk, and he knows that. We're going to make sure we listen to him with what he says and where he's at. And then we're going to test it out and see, and then we'll make the decision."

When did Matt Nagy decide he was going to go for the two-point conversion to take the lead instead of play for the tie and head to overtime against the Seahawks?
Phil P.
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Even before the Bears took over at their own 20 with 2:56 remaining trailing the Seahawks 24-17, coach Matt Nagy had decided he was going to go for two following a touchdown, saying after Sunday's win in Seattle: "We knew the play, we knew everything. We felt really good with that." Nagy further explained that the field conditions and circumstances of the game were key factors in the decision to attempt the two-point conversion, saying: "In the weather conditions, on the road against Russell Wilson, in that moment, we felt good about the play call. And I think that it was pretty evident from the players, coaches, all of us, that we felt really good in that situation, especially one of those games where you're behind the entire game and you can end it like that."

Why were the Bears awarded possession of the ball after Bruce Irvin's 15-yard penalty against the Seahawks but the Steelers were given a first down following a similar 15-yard penalty on Cassius Marsh in a game earlier this season?
Mike W.

Both 15-yard penalties you referenced were assessed after the result of the play. The difference is that the one against Cassius Marsh Sr. occurred following a third-down snap, so the Steelers were still in possession of the ball and therefore were awarded a first down. The penalty that Bruce Irvin drew came after the Seahawks had turned the ball over on downs to the Bears following a failed fourth-down attempt.

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