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Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides: What will be Bears' longest play?


Prior to every Bears game this season, we ask a panel of experts one question to test their clairvoyant powers. The panel consists of writers Larry Mayer and Nathan Smith; former Bears players Alex Brown, Patrick Mannelly and Jim Miller; and one guest celebrity.

This week's question is: What will be the Bears' longest play from scrimmage Sunday against the Titans?

In last Sunday's overtime loss to the Saints, the Bears generated their longest play from scrimmage of the season on Nick Foles' 50-yard pass to Darnell Mooney as well as their longest rush of the year by a running back, a 38-yard scamper by David Montgomery.

Our guest celebrity this week is Anthony "Spice" Adams, former Bears defensive tackle, current co-host of "Inside the Bears" and social media legend.

Larry Mayer,
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 40 yards.
Comment: After connecting on a 50-yard pass versus the Saints, Nick Foles and rookie Darnell Mooney will produce a 40-yard completion on a similar play in Tennessee as their timing together continues to improve.

Nathan Smith,
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 41 yards.
Comment: Not to sound like I'm just repeating the events of last Sunday's game, but the Bears will clearly look for the deep ball to Darnell Mooney.

Alex Brown, former Bears defensive end
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 42 yards.
Comment: Last week, Darnell Mooney found a "50 burger" down the middle of the field in man coverage. In order for the Bears to get to where they want to be offensively, they have to have chunk plays like that to loosen up defenses. I believe the man to do it is Mooney, and that will open up some lanes in the run game and underneath routes for Allen Robinson as well.

Patrick Mannelly, former Bears long-snapper
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 52 yards.
Comment: Every week the Bears like to take one or two "shot" plays, and I think they will hit one this week to Darnell Mooney for a 52-yard touchdown.

Jim Miller, former Bears quarterback
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 45 yards.
Comment: I think the Bears' longest play will be a trick play—a reverse, a flea-flicker or something of that nature. I think Bears coaches have to manufacture something to jump-start the team and get positive momentum.

Guest celebrity: Anthony "Spice" Adams
Prediction: The Bears' longest play from scrimmage will be 67 yards.
Comment: Allen Robinson will find all the openings in the defense's zones in the first half. Then he will set up the double move to be wide open for a 67-yard touchdown.

Recap of last week: The Bears combined to produce just one sack and takeaway in last Sunday's loss to the Saints, a sack of Drew Brees by Khalil Mack that resulted in a fumble New Orleans recovered. Our panelists who came closest were writers Larry Mayer and Nathan Smith, former Bears quarterback Jim Miller and celebrity guest Dionne Miller, all of whom predicted the Bears would combine for three sacks and takeaways.

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