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Fast Facts: D'Andre Swift


Running back D'Andre Swift talks with about what he's most excited to do in Chicago, his pregame rituals, his "Welcome to the NFL" moment and much more.

First thing that comes to mind when you think of Chicago?

Pizza. Deep dish.

What are you most excited to see or do in the city?

Tour the city, see the Bean, try the deep dish pizza - that's where my mind is at. Just get down and see the city, I heard it's beautiful.

Did you have any Bears fandom growing up?

Walter Payton. He wasn't in my era for me to really sit down and watch, but he was one of the best backs to ever play the game. I would always watch his highlights.

What are your outfit essentials for game day?

You gotta have a good fit depending on the weather. I'm in Chicago now, so it'll be a lot of hats and jackets. You gotta have a nice jacket, good footwear, nice pants — the whole thing. It doesn't have to be about the brands, it could be something chill. It's about who's putting it on, it ain't about what it is to be honest.

Do you have pregame rituals?

I just can't sit still. I'm always doing something. I'm ready to go.

Go-to pregame music?

There's a couple artists I'm listening to — Future, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Meek Mill. I'm turnt before the games.

Who are you excited to play with in Chicago?

DJ Moore. We grew up together. That's my guy. He's from Philly. He went to Imhotep (Institute Charter High School); I went to Saint Joseph's Prep. He's stayed at my house before to go to workouts in the morning, that type of thing. We're close. He's excited — he was the first person to call me.

You made your first Pro Bowl this year. Do you have any memories with Jaylon Johnson and Montez Sweat on the NFC team?

Yeah, I talked to both of them a bit at the Pro Bowl. Just talking about the years they've played, how the offseason was gonna go. It's crazy how the world works —now we're in the same locker room.

What type of guy are you in the locker room?

Quiet at first, but I can be a jokester at times.

What is your favorite away stadium to play in?

I liked playing at Arrowhead (Stadium in Kanas City). I played there for the first time this year. That was pretty cool. It was loud in there. The atmosphere was crazy. It was a Monday night game I believe so the set up was great?

What's your welcome to the NFL moment? Good and bad?

Good — I'd say my first touchdown. It was my first NFL game, first touchdown. Bad – same game, dropped the game-winning touchdown that same game. It was against the Bears.

What's the best coaching advice you've ever received?

Make your opportunities count, especially at this level. Duce Stanley (then-Lions running backs coach) told me that.

What's your first memory of the NFL?

Watching the Super Bowl with my grandfather. He was an Eagles fan, so watching them in the Super Bowl (against the Patriots) is the first thing I remember.

When did you know you wanted to go pro?

At a young age. I was fortunate enough to play varsity my freshman year of high school. When I had success against older people, seniors, as a freshman, I knew I could really take it serious and really do something with football. But I always had love for the game.

Check out new Bears running back D'Andre Swift in action. (Photos via AP)