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DJ Moore was in London Tuesday to tour the city with his family following his trip to Manchester for Mini Monsters clinics. Check out the receiver's postcard to read about his experience across the pond.

Live from London: Postcards with DJ Moore | June 25

As told to Gabby Hajduk

What's up Bears fans,

After spending the last couple days in Manchester, my family and I took the train to London Tuesday morning. It took us just over two hours to make it to the city, but the ride was very nice. I had some toast and orange juice for breakfast which was great.

We were able to do some sightseeing on the train while passing through the country. The scenery was really pretty out there. We saw some cows and horses then passed through Wimpstone, Warwickshire – where Teletubbies used to be filmed — and Paddington, an area of west London.

When we arrived in the city, we checked into our hotel then hit TGI Fridays for a quick snack before heading out for the rest of the evening to explore.

We walked around a good part of the city. We went through Chinatown then Piccadilly Circus where Ari tried to breakdance with some of the street performers. We did some shopping and I obviously had to stop at the Nike store to get some good content in.


I think my proudest moment was successfully waving down not one, but two taxis — the first time I've ever done it. It was pretty amazing. The cab took us over to see Big Ben, the London Eye and River Thames, which was my favorite part of the day.

It was cool to see such a historic landmark and get a look at all of London's tourist attractions. It was so nice out, so we got to see everything in the span of an hour. The whole area was beautiful.


Another highlight of the day was finding a churro cart while we were walking around. We went and got at least 10 churros and they were incredible, so Ari was obviously happy.

We had to finish the day with a nice dinner so we stopped at Ristorante Roma and the food was great. I had a penne capri dish which was pretty fancy.

All in all, I think we walked at least six or seven miles today and it was all worth it. This whole trip was amazing. My family was able to experience their first trip overseas, so spending it with them was the best part.


I'm definitely excited to make the trip back in October with the team to play in Tottenham. We'll spend more time out in the country, so it'll be nice to explore new parts and compare it to the city style of London that we experienced this trip.

I can't wait to see all our Bears fans out here in a few months supporting us and enjoying the city.

Until then, cheerio!

- DJ

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