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Bears linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is in London for the girls flag football kickoff event. Check out his postcard and read about what he's up to across the pond.

Live from London: Postcards with Tremaine Edmunds | Thursday, March 7

As told to Gabby Hajduk

Hey Bears fans,

I have touched down in London! This isn't my first trip to the UK —  I went when I was younger — but this will be my first time here that I'll be able to remember.

I'm here to support the girls flag football league that the Bears helped start over here, but I also brought my mom on this trip so we can enjoy the experience together. We're already having a good time.

Yesterday after we landed, we did some shopping. There's so many cool places to shop around here. We went to this huge store called Selfridges. It was so dope. I got some different clothes and a couple pairs of shoes. We had a really good time there.


I also tried fish and chips last night. Oh my goodness, it was good. I was contemplating what I wanted to grab and saw that on the menu, so I went for it because I know it's a big thing over here. It was great.

My first impression of London is it's already exceeding my expectations. The city is so nice. I've seen a lot of historic buildings. It's a vibe you can just feel by their identity. There's so many good restaurants and stores, just seems like a nice place to live in general.

Today I spent the afternoon at a clinic for the girls flag football league. We went out to AFC Wimbledon and ran drills with over 200 players.

The event was dope. Just interacting with the girls and seeing the passion they have for the game was so much fun. I really wanted to get behind the cause and help spread the sport globally.


I know how much Americans love football but seeing another country get behind the sport was fascinating to me. It's the sport I've played my whole life. To see how much support is behind it and how much people enjoy it stood out the most to me.

We've only been here a day and it's already getting me excited to come back for our London game this season. I hope it's a little warmer when we go because I'm sure it's a different experience in the summer or fall. But, the weather doesn't seem to be slowing people down here. There's still so many people out and so many things going on outside.

By the time I come back with the team, I'll be the expert. I'm gonna be the one everybody is talking to, like 'yo, what's up? Where should we eat? What are the spots we gotta hit?'

I can't wait to keep exploring the city tonight and try some different food. We're heading on a tour of the city tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it's gonna be great. I'll be sure to check in and share my favorite stops with everyone.

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