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Offensive coaches weigh in on key players


BOURBONNAIS, Ill. – Bears offensive position coaches spoke to the media Monday for the first time in training camp. The following are some of the best quotes gleaned from those interviews.

Charles London (running backs)

On what he's seen from rookie David Montgomery** in pads:**
"What we saw on tape of him in college, so far he's translated to this level of ball. We went live the other day and he broke a few tackles and he's done a good job keeping his feet. He's got great contact balance. We've been happy with him so far."

On Montgomery's drive to succeed:
"He's very conscientious. He wants to do it right, wants to do it the way that we want it done, the way that it's coached. He's very diligent. He's always got a lot of questions, spends a lot of time in his playbook. He's learning to be a pro and he's doing good at it."

On Montgomery learning to block on passing plays:
"Pass pro is usually something in college that [running backs] aren't asked to do a lot. They're usually either thrown the ball or they're running it. But he's done a good job with his transition there. He's really seeing it well. He's starting to understand how we want to attack guys and how the best way to pass protect is, so we're happy with him there."

On what unique thing Mike Davis brings to the running back room:
"They all have different skill sets, but Mike brings experience. Mike's been in the league a few years. He's had some ups and downs. He's done a great job of really giving information to the young guys, like: 'This is the way it should be done. This is the way we're going to do it.' He's a pro's pro and he's been in several different systems. So for him picking up the system, it's probably been a little quicker for him just because he's played professional ball before. Besides his football ability, he's a great person. He brings a lot to us off the field as well."

Mike Furrey (receivers)

On what he's seen in training camp from Allen Robinson II*:*
"I've just seen a pro, a pro that's gone home in the summer, he's gotten ready physically, which he couldn't do last year [while rebounding from a torn ACL], a guy that's been in his playbook because he loves to know exactly what he's supposed to do. He's comfortable, and he's confident in where he's supposed to be. He looks healthy. Now we've just got to keep him going, keep him growing. He wants to grow. He's trying to learn everything he possibly can."

On the difference with Anthony Miller entering his second season:
"I think just being able to line up and slow things down. Last year was just go, go, gadget. I just held my breath hoping that he was going to go to the right place. But he was going to do it full bore. Then it was just kind of learning what we do, learning how to do it, learning to back things off a little bit, understand what the defense is doing. That's a lot of volume. He's been able to handle that. He's been able to come in now, he's been through it, he's ran the routes that we run, he's heard the plays in the huddle, he understands what we're doing. So now I just believe that everything is going to keep getting better and better for him."

On how second-year pro Javon Wims*has gained confidence in his ability:*
"He believes in himself now. He's comfortable that he can play in the NFL and that he can be a great player in the NFL. Once he got past that, which obviously took a while, he's grown in every aspect. He's grown physically, he's grown mentally, he's confident, and he's excited right now."

Dave Ragone (Quarterbacks)

On where Mitchell Trubisky*has developed the most since he joined the Bears:*
"It's the growth, the maturation, the mentality in which he takes the position and how he is around his teammates. So the things that have nothing to do with throwing a slant on time. Getting around his guys and demanding a lot from himself but also demanding some from his teammates. And then having the presence when he breaks the huddle to see where his eyes are supposed to be. The things that you need as a quarterback to develop long-term at this level are things that he's working on, constantly being reminded about and getting better at."

Kevin Gilbride (tight ends)

On what he's seen from converted-tackle Bradley Sowell in training camp:
"Much improved body control, and that's incredibly important at our position. He's done a nice job as far as paying attention to the coaching points and then bringing [them] right to the field the next play, more so than he did in the spring. Being on an island at times can be challenging and you need to be precise with your footwork, precise with your hand placement. He's made a lot of gains in that area, so that's been impressive to see. And then his body control at the top of routes is 10 times better than it was in the spring."