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Robinson optimistic about direction of offense


Allen Robinson II sees changes happening within the Bears' offense.

Robinson has been the team's most consistent offensive playmaker for the past two seasons and currently ranks as one of the top 10 most productive receivers in the NFL in both catches and yards. However, he still wants more from an offense averaging 22.6 points per game.

Wednesday's film session left Robinson feeling hopeful.

"I thought today was one of our more productive film sessions," said Robinson, "breaking down the game with the coaches and everybody chiming in on different details and stuff that they can improve on and stuff like that."

Robinson said that it was the attitude around the film session that made it so productive. Robinson believes the Bears' 5-1 record is helping the team to address weaknesses in a productive way.

"Sometimes you watch film differently," said Robinson, "but with the plays that we were breaking down today, just seeing the involvement with everybody chiming in as far as their assignments and details and things that they can improve on, and just the communication across the board, I think, is great to see. After a win, I think everybody is seeking accountability for what's going on. Nobody's pointing any fingers or things like that. Guys are looking for the areas they can improve on."

Robinson has seen a few areas of improvement in recent weeks. He believes that the offense is benefitting from the infectious intensity of quarterback Nick Foles.

"You definitely can feel it," said Robinson. "Don't get me wrong; the game wasn't perfect and didn't go exactly how we wanted from an offensive standpoint, but I did feel like in that game, we had drives where we were clicking, where we were stringing together completion after completion after completion, moving the ball down [the field] and putting together some pretty good drives. So again, for us, we gotta be more consistent with that."

Robinson said that the first things the team needed to improve on—third-down and red-zone efficiency—have started to show some positive signs.

The Bears started the season struggling mightily on third down, converting only 2 of 11 attempts against the Detroit Lions. That pattern continued over the following four games before a promising performance against the Panthers. Although the Bears only scored 23 points, they converted 7 of 14 third-down situations, their best rate of the season.

Similarly, the offense has seen some promising movement in their efforts to become more efficient in the red zone, thanks largely to improved play at the tight end position.

"We obviously want to be better on third down," said Robinson, "but we're improving on our third-down efficiency, which is a big part of the game, and also our red-zone efficiency, which is another big part of the game. Once you break down that as an offense, what's left?"

Robinson answered his own question.

"Explosive plays, first and second down," said Robinson. "In those two categories, we definitely gotta be better on first and second downs, make the thirds more manageable and also second down and things like that. But if we create some more explosive plays, I think you'll see a totally different offense."