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Since playing in the first American Bowl at Wembley Stadium in 1986, the Chicago Bears have had a connection with the U.K. and Europe. The NFL has granted a limited number of clubs International Home Market Area status in select countries around the world. We have been granted rights for the U.K. and for Spain, allowing the club to reach out to current and potential fans to bring them more ways to enjoy Bears football throughout the year.

Specifically, for the U.K. and Spain this means:

  • The Bears will be investing in growing our fanbase in both markets, similar to how we invest in Chicago
  • More Bears content available and curated for each market
  • Dedicated Spanish language Bears social handles
  • The Bears will look to partner with the NFL in supporting and growing local youth American football participation
  • The Bears will be able to hold events and appearances in both countries
  • The Bears will look to partner with existing local fan clubs
  • The Bears will continue to play games in the UK as part of the NFL's new rotation of International Series games

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