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Be Featured As Our Member of the Month!

Be Featured As Our Member of the Month!

We're excited to recognize one special member each month as our Kids Club Member of the Month. If chosen, your child will be featured here on the Kids Club Central web page and in that month's newsletter. Plus, you'll receive a Bears swag bag from the Chicago Bears Kids Club.

Member of the Month: Congratulations to Declan from New Lenox, Illinois for being selected as our Member of the Month! Declan has a strong love and passion for the Bears. His favorite Bears player is Walter Payton, who he happens to share a birthday with; July 25th! Declan enjoys learning about the rich history and tradition of the Bears. He likes visiting Soldier Field and loves the fact that it's the oldest NFL stadium. His most recent visit to Soldier Field was when he and his dad attended the Bears vs. Falcons game at Soldier Field last December during a blizzard. As Declan stated, they got to experience "football weather" together! Last month, Declan chose blue and orange colored bands for his braces, stating that "they're the only colors that should be worn." He loves to enjoy spicy hot wings and blue heat Takis on gameday while he roots for the Bears. When Declan is not watching the Bears, you might find him watching "The Blind Side" or "Outer Banks!"