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Bears holiday games: test yourself with 9 questions

With Christmas and New Year's Day approaching, senior writer Larry Mayer tests your knowledge about Bears games played on holidays.

Bears holiday games: test yourself with 9 questions

Who returned the overtime kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown to lift the Bears to a 23-17 win over the Lions on Thanksgiving in 1980?

Which Bears player intercepted two Brett Favre passes in a division-clinching win over the Packers on Christmas Day in 2005?

In the Bears' 20-10 win over the Vikings on Halloween night last season, how many yards did Jordan Howard rush for?

Which quarterback led the Bears to a 35-18 upset win in a divisional playoff game against the Vikings on New Year's Day 1995?

Which two Bears legends had their uniform numbers retired at halftime of a game against the Packers on Halloween night in 1994?

Which Bears defender had a key interception of Aaron Rodgers in a 17-13 win over the Packers at Lambeau Field on Thanksgiving night in 2015?

How many yards did Red Grange rush for in his Bears debut on Thanksgiving Day 1925 against the Chicago Cardinals at Wrigley Field?

In the Bears' win over the Lions on Thanksgiving Day 1980, who scored a touchdown on the game's final play of regulation to force overtime?

Who was the Bears' opponent in the NFL's first Thanksgiving Day game in the league's first year of existence in 1920?

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From carving up the turkey to the new year's toast, you're a holiday hero. Time to put on your red suit and hat!

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