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Brian Urlacher trivia quiz

How much do you know about Brian Urlacher? Take this trivia quiz and find out. (Answers are below.)

1. Brian Urlacher caught a game-winning 27-yard touchdown pass in a 2001 victory over the Redskins from which teammate?

A) Paul Edinger
B) Shane Matthews
C) Brad Maynard
D) Jim Miller

2. Brian Urlacher was born in which state?

A) California
B) Illinois
C) New Mexico
D) Washington

3. Which Bears player did Brian Urlacher supplant as starting middle linebacker in 2000?

A) Joe Cain
B) Bryan Cox
C) Rico McDonald
D) Barry Minter

4. What number did Brian Urlacher wear at New Mexico?

A) 11
B) 44
C) 54
D) 55

5. Brian Urlacher's first career touchdown came on a 90-yard return of a fumble by which player?

A) Brett Favre
B) Donovan McNabb
C) Barry Sanders
D) Michael Vick

6. Brian Urlacher helped lead the Bears to four division titles. In which of those seasons was he named NFL defensive player of the year?

A) 2001
B) 2005
C) 2006
D) 2010

7. Brian Urlacher forced a fumble by which player that Charles Tillman returned for a touchdown in an epic 2006 comeback win over the Arizona Cardinals?

A) Larry Fitzgerald
B) Edgerrin James
C) Matt Leinart
D) Emmitt Smith

8. Brian Urlacher holds the Bears record for most career starts by a defensive player with 180. Whose record did he break?

A) Doug Buffone
B) Richard Dent
C) Bill George
D) Mike Singletary

9. Brian Urlacher attended which high school in New Mexico?

A) Arlington
B) Darlington
C) Lovington
D) Pennington

10. Which former Bears player was selected ahead of Brian Urlacher in the 2000 NFL Draft?

A) Mike Brown
B) Ruben Brown
C) Thomas Jones
D) David Terrell

1-C) Brad Maynard threw a 27-yard touchdown pass to Brian Urlacher on a fake field goal to lift the Bears to a 20-15 win over the Redskins in Washington on Dec. 23, 2001.

2-D) Brian Urlacher was born in Pasco, Washington on May 25, 1978.

3-D) Brian Urlacher replaced an injured Barry Minter in the Bears' starting lineup at middle linebacker on Sept. 17, 2000 in a 14-7 loss to the New York Giants at Soldier Field.

4-B) Brian Urlacher wore No. 44 at New Mexico.

5-D) Brian Urlacher's first NFL touchdown came on a 90-yard return of a Michael Vick fumble in a 31-3 win over the Falcons in Atlanta on Oct. 7, 2001.

6-B) Brian Urlacher was voted NFL defensive player of the year in 2005 after leading a Bears defense that permitted the fewest points and second fewest yards in the league.

7-B) Brian Urlacher ripped the ball out of Edgerrin James' hands to help the Bears turn a 23-3 deficit into a stirring 24-23 Monday night win over the Cardinals in Arizona on Oct. 16, 2006.

8-D) Mike Singletary's 172 career starts were the most by a Bears defensive player before Brian Urlacher eclipsed the record last season.

9-C) Brian Urlacher attended Lovington High School in New Mexico

10-C) The Cardinals selected running back Thomas Jones with the seventh overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, two spots before the Bears chose Brian Urlacher.

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