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Chalk Talk: What's Bears' plan for preseason finale?

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on

Do you know what the Bears' plans are for the final preseason game? Are they going to treat it like the fourth and last preseason game in years past?
Thomas L.
Bannockburn, Illinois

In past seasons, the Bears have held virtually all of their key players out of the fourth and final preseason game. But coach Matt Nagy revealed Tuesday that that won't be the case Aug. 28 when the Bears play their preseason finale against the Titans in Tennessee. Said Nagy: "For us, I think it's going to lean more towards having more guys play than not, meaning it's not going to be your old school fourth preseason game where it's just backups playing … There might be a select few guys that don't play, but then there might be some starters that do play. But I don't see it as being where, hey, all the starters on the team sit; they're in their shorts and jersey and everyone else is playing. I don't see it that way."

I think we should give credit to the Bears offensive line for Saturday's performance against the Dolphins, which included no sacks and a good run game. Who was playing on the line and for what timeframe?
Jim B.
Lake Villa, Illinois

I agree with you that it was a very impressive effort by the offensive line. Normally, you see some sloppiness and sacks allowed in a preseason opener, but that wasn't the case against the Dolphins. Coach Matt Nagy reiterated Monday how pleased he was with the line, saying: "That was probably one of the biggest things we talked about as a staff was you didn't really see a whole lot of touches or hits on those quarterbacks. That there is really good. They were doing some games up front, not a lot but some games, and we passed it off pretty well. I didn't feel a lot of penetration back into the quarterback's throws." In terms of playing time, the starting unit consisted of left tackle Elijah Wilkinson, left guard Cody Whitehair, center Sam Mustipher, right guard Alex Bars and right tackle Lachavious Simmons. Simmons was the only member of the offense to play all 52 snaps in the game, while Wilkinson remained in for 40 plays. Mustipher and Bars played 22 snaps, while Whitehair was in the game for only 13 plays. As far as the second unit, guard Arlington Hambright played 35 snaps, while center Adam Redmond and guard Dieter Eiselen each were on the field for 30 plays. Other linemen who appeared in the game included tackle Badara Traore (12 snaps) and guard Dareuan Parker (4).

Where do you think Jason Peters best fits on the Bears offensive line? If a guard or two could step up, do you think Cody Whitehair could move outside?
Michael K.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From what I understand, veteran Jason Peters is joining the Bears to compete for the starting left tackle position. It's the same spot he's played throughout an illustrious 17-year NFL career during which he's been selected to nine Pro Bowls. I know that Peters was slated to move to right guard last season with the Eagles, but he remained at left tackle following a season-ending injury to Andre Dillard. Peters is capable of moving inside, but the Bears feel that he still has enough left in the tank to perform at a high level at his natural position. As far as Cody Whitehair, I certainly think he's capable of playing tackle (like he did at Kansas State), but I'm not aware of any plans to move him outside at this point.

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